name == first name, last initial.
Avatar (being changed shortly) often depicts what I am in to and what projects I am working on. except the first in the series, which is me. I really need to find a picture of me when I had my ponytail.
Username: I got it from my cousin's nickname on a Minecraft server he co-owns.
Password: Umm...
Picture: It's my Minecraft Skin's head that my friend made.
Asian wrote:
Password: Umm...

Your password didn't work Sad

Seriously, this topic didn't ask for a password so why did you feel it was necessary even though you didn't actually tell us?
Because I accidently typed it without thinking, thought it would be interesting to see if people noticed Very Happy
My current nickname is an alternate (arguably smiley-like) version of DJ Omnimaga, used back when Omnimaga users bottlenecked stashes of PMs about site issues/requests through my inbox instead of splitting the work through other co-admins as well (even after I retired).

My current avatar is a rushed artwork for my upcoming music single called Unfinished. I didn't want to spend weeks trying to learn how to use a 3D model software just to create a 3D city about to get nuked, so this was the result. The city in the album cover is from this pic:

Larger version of my avatar:

My user name is my minecraft username + tibd because I like that wiki and I failed to activate some accounts.
My minecraft username is that I like Princeton and live in the town with PSU, and the mascot is a lion

My avatar is the python logo because I like it and am a noob at it. Second programming language I know
I just changed it to my minecraft avatar face

Password: Why should I tell?

Signature: For obvious reasons. 0x5
I don't have a username or password.
Mateo = I'm a Matt
ConLechuga = Umm... There was lettuce in the sandwich I was eating when I created my account.
Eightx... Pretty simple (TI-81,82,83,84,85,86,89,etc.) 84, Duh. The Pineapple: Psych. Watch that TV show. The sig: Ernesto came from Psych as well. simple as that.

My story of my Username started when i first played Geometry dash. I was playing one day, bored, and I decided I wanted to beat a level in full (All coins+100%), called "Base after Base" (Much rage). It took me about 5 minutes to beat the level...

Nah it actually took a month Razz

So when i beat it, the icon looked like a squid with a visor.

So then I'm like, why not use Timesquid as my Username in the game?

Basically, my Username is just a variation of Timesquid.

Very Happy
My username is from a random name generator a few years ago, but since I've used it for so long, I'm rather attached to it.

I've never thought about using an avatar, and probably wouldn't find a good one anyway.
Mine is Walrii, a pixel art walrus that happens to be CW mascot. It was also supposed to be used in an HP Prime platformer that never came into fruition, but it was used in various other games and there are a lot of variations and crossovers of it (enough for a Pokémon ROM hack).
I don't have an avatar yet and I don't know if I will. Anyway, my username is the name of the species of ostrich-like bird on the planet that I come from.

EDIT: My avatar is a flashing color gif of a fish from one of my first decent games, CalcFish
ANOTHER EDIT: My new avatar is a screenshot from the early stages of my current project, Code-Opoly
I intend to keep changing it every few months as I finish projects and begin new ones.
allynfolksjr wrote:
I don't have a username or password.

Came here to say this. Good job past nikky!
Username: I'm a calculator nerd. Aren't we all? Very Happy
Avatar: I've been interested in Radiation for years. That's why its a radiation symbol.
My username:
My friend came up with a random name, nothing special. The 49 at the end is the highest level of my childhood video game character, AndreU. I played DiabloII (expansion set) pretty much morning to night when i was little. One day i lost the game and never played it again until recently.

My Avatar:
This is the Jump-and-Bump logo. Also from a game I played from before I was adopted. One of the last memories I have with my two older sisters.
I was trying to make myself as obscure as possible by pretending to have the wisdom of an elder and because people treat me like mud. And you gotta have the 0 at the end.
My name was actually a username I've been using for a few years online now, it originated from a facebook game which I played a lot of back in 2009-2011. In the game you can change your name, and It just popped up someday when discussing a new username with a friend. Solarsoftware has pointed out that it sounds like a thwomp which is a character in Mario.
My avatar was a picture of a cat I drew in paint with my eyes closed. Someone from cemetech (I can't remember who it was) told me to draw one after I prompted him/her for ideas on what to use as my avatar.
EDIT: It was PT_
jonbush is a portmanteau of 'Jon' and 'Bush', which originate from my name. In a similarly unoriginal fashion, my avatar is a picture of my face. The picture was taken at a robotics competition, and was subsequently used for the production of buttons.
My username is my name and my birth year. My avatar comes from the fact that I really like to work on engines, and when I saw that, I wanted it, so I went and got it.

Nothing too special, unfortunately.

EDIT: Now it's just Caleb(my first name), and J, the first letter of my last name.

(were you expecting something special? If you were, sorry for disappointing you.)
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