Alright, I'm working on a menu with lowercase lettering for my program.

Basically, when i launch the prog, I'd like the following.

1. Title one 5. If it fits
2. Title two 6. Also if it fits
3. so on 7. Back
4. so forth 8. Quit

I've written lower-case the following way
Text(25,0,"Text here")

I thought of writing each line as above, inputting a "pause" cmd after, then the actual menu with Lbls, so the number pressed on this screen would send you to the corresponding Lbl cmd.

Is that the best option?
Slightly confused, but only slightly. It seems like the menu is displayed twice, once in lowercase and again in the TI-Basic Menu command. Does this sound right? Please correct me if I am wrong.
You can use a Repeat or While loop to check for a key press after displaying the Text( lines, then close the loop and go to a Lbl (ick) outside the loop based on If statements and the value of the key pressed. That would be a far cleaner way.
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