As Kerm has told me yesterday, now is around the time when the EEPROM's of the Ti SilverLink cables fail. Mine happened to fail one month ago, and this really stinks because thats the only way I can transfer files to my 92+

Before I go out and drop $20-$30 dollars on a new cable, are there any feasible workarounds?

-reflashing the EEPROM?

-A few months ago, there was the subject of using the Ti 84+/SE as a SilverLink emulator by plugging it into the computer and then plugging your other calculator into the I/O port of that. How possible is this to achieve?

Sadly there really is not any as of this moment.

1) Its PROM and therefor not reflashable
2) There was something like that made by Brandon but non of us can remember if he released it.

I am thinking of starting a misadventure to make a new silver link compatible device. Will see how that pans out as time goes on.
Wait, really? I have a Silverlink, haven't used it in a while, but it worked last time I used it. I'd be a bit surprised if it didn't still work.
Geekboy: I am not convinced it is PROM; I have seen the same symptoms that GinDiamond described with two of my SilverLinks, so _something_ is degrading, be it the flashed or burned bootloader or ROM or some other piece of the device. I think our best option is to just whip up a DIY clone with available microcontrollers.
I opened mine up and looked at the data sheet for the MCU in it and it specifies it has PROM for the version in mine. How about you open yours and spit back the model? Maybe there are different revisions?

And I second that thought hence the reason some hardware is on the way Very Happy
geekboy1011 wrote:
And I second that thought hence the reason some hardware is on the way Very Happy
Indeed, I just wanted to make sure that everyone else knew too. As always, since this is a project that I was thinking of eventually pursuing as well, I'm more than willing to help out with hardware and software work. Smile I saw that you worked up a schematic and preliminary board layout; you should post it up when you get a chance. Also, have we determined that PROM definitely does not degrade with age? The internet is being vague on that.
I have not looked that hard because of the exact same vagueness. And good to know i will definitely keep bouncing ideas/code off you Very Happy

yes I have a preliminary schematic made up I will post that later once I have a chance to get it out of KiCad It looks a lot like the "basic schematic for an atmega32u4" as that's really all it is with an extra switch Razz


Preliminary schematic setup to breakout the usb solder points and the 2.5mm solder points. It also breaks out an ICSP connector for programming the initial data and possible bootloader issues down the road as I will be modifying the lufa boot loader to make it handle a few code branches and other things. It is really just the basics needed for an atmega32u4 to even work. So if anyone sees any issues please let me know! (Note will probably be changing some of the pins up for the 2.5mm and the type switch to make a cleaner pcb)

Edit will be starting a new topic for this tomorrow once I start getting some materials in. Programmer for my Leonardo ETA Wednesday.
The new cable came today, but it still is doing the same thing!

What is wrong here?
I know TI-Silverlink is used on the TI-83(+), 7x, and 89/92, but what is the module in the middle for? How does it work, and why do they fail?
I'm not an electronics guy, so the research I've done sounds like Greek.
I believe, if I am correct, that the middle module houses the EEPROM or PROM, which contains the ROM image for the cable as well as the necessary circuitry to take a 5 pin USB input to the stereo 2.55mm jack output


If it helps, for some reason the 92+ is occasionally detected by the computer, but then it seems to virtually disconnect when I try to send files over.
I used my Silverlink today, and luckily it still worked (so far). Hearing about this EEPROM failure thing kind of scares me. Those battery-backed SRAM NES cartridges that still hold data with the original 20+ year old battery they were built with have a better data retention track record than that!
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