Since we haven't really organized any UTing, I've had the idea for organizing a LAN/Internet party on the Cemetech UT server. I've planned for it being on 19 April 2014. A known starting time will be worked out as that date approaches. Hopefully we get some of our less-frequent users to join. I hope to see you all there!
VCTF w00t!
What about something weekly such as what happened with HCWP? I end up just streaming UT on HCWP anyway :/

For that weekend, hopefully I will not be overloaded with work.
We prefer to avoid excessive gaming on HCWP, at least in the official Wednesday a lot. That is intended as if not a place for people to ask programming questions, then at least a place to motivate people to program together. As far making this a regular thing, I think that our usual ~ut covers that, and making this a special event will hopefully induce a lot of people to join in!
I will be working but count me in if the times match up Very Happy
KermMartian wrote:
As far making this a regular thing, I think that our usual ~ut covers that

At least some regularity would be nice, since it's hard to get more than two or three people on the server at a time (especially for multiple rounds). In addition, there's a few of us that don't use IRC much. Weekly may be a bit often, though.
Hey, if anyone pings me on the IRC on the 19th, I'm totally down for some major UT at that time.
I'm long overdue for the thrice-yearly (ish) Cemetech newsletter (aka opportunity to spam myself with "Please unsubscribe me" emails). Perhaps it's time to send one, talk about T^3 and our latest educational program endeavors and interviews, and mention our MC server and our UT LAN day.
So apparently 19 April is the day before Easter, and that complicates things for both me and some other user/users. Should I move the date?

Edit: I've decided against doing so.
Since the date is approaching, we should settle on a good starting time. Given the business of everyone and the complexity added by time zones, I may be asking a little bit too early for any detailed planning.

I'll be on the server from about 3:30 PM EDT onwards, either spectating or practicing if nobody else is online.
Could Wormbot be added to the mutators and have IRC chat linked to #cemetech-ut? This was brought up before, throwing the link somewhere before I forget again. Would also be a nice way to see who's in-game and what's going on.
I've discussed Wormbot with Kerm, we found that spectators (includes Wormbot supposedly) keep the server running. With no connections, the server timer does not tick.

We could test this easily by tossing Wormbot on and seeing if it connects/reports kills when nobody is connected.
So far, so good. Already had 4 players for a bunch of VCTF matches. Will be back shortly.


Topped 5 with me, Jonimus, CVSoft, Abrum, and GW.
Should future events be looked forward to? Possibly finding ways of attracting a larger audience? I could try getting an additional person here on the server.
Well, sure! This one didn't go as I hoped, mainly due to bad timing. I tried bringing some other friends on the server but they all had pre-Easter plans. However, I'd prefer these events stay limited to Cemetech members, like havecalc.
True, it would not be up to me for getting additional people on the server.

Maybe plan around KermM's schedule? (With a deadline 11(?) days in the future, would seem wise) 5/3?

<edit> Maybe poke ParkerR next time?
Hmm, given that that date happens to be my birthday, for me it will either work very well or not at all. Only time will tell, but that's just me.
(Mainly that particular weekend, not day.) I will be moderately busy the week after that, and non-playable a week further. Buy hey, scheduling in advance!
Hopefully we have Wormbot or something running by then; that should help coordination a bit.
<DoorsCS> @KermM: nagnagnagstuffandthingsnagnagnag
Yes, unanticipated pre-Easter plans with my family were the reason I was not able to make it as well, sadly. Something relatively close to just past my deadline would definitely be something I would be interested in.
I'll be able to attend 3 May UTing, and I'll try to bring friends (Abrum, mashfox, and the seldom-seen-anymore redspy).
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