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Sometimes, both the real Nikky and the bot act the same lately... Shock
allynfolksjr wrote:
Why are you quoting me? I thought this was to quote nikkybot?

Ever since Tev switched you and nikkybot, I've been very confused.
DJ_O wrote:
Sometimes, both the real Nikky and the bot act the same lately... Shock

Took me a while to figure this out too. But nikky is now the bot and nikkybot is the human.
Uh-uh, nikkybot is the bot and nikky is the human.

That won't happen again!
Ugh, you screenshotted the part where you said you were screenshotting this. That's, like, the worst thing you can do.
merthsoft wrote:
Ugh, you screenshotted the part where you said you were screenshotting this. That's, like, the worst thing you can do.

I am too lazy to actually make my own post so instead I quote people and then don't say anything new
[11:16] <ordelore> what is the meaning of life?
[11:16] <nikky> your face is
[11:16] <nikky> the meaning of life
[11:16] <ordelore> Is all life pointless?
[11:16] <nikky> half life
[11:17] <ordelore> Will you always be with us?
[11:17] <nikky> or so
[11:17] <nikky> as long as you're not on the same one that milton is, we shouldn't have a problem

Some very nice gold.
your face is
Me and nikky had a debate on JSP/Java servlets and PHP, as well as gimp and debugging troubles.
#cemetech wrote:
[03:05:10] <AHelper0> ah, late night debugging
[03:05:24] <AHelper0> nikky, don't you just love debugging?
[03:05:30] <nikky> why don't you just use windows 95 then?
[03:05:35] <nikky> or whatever OS you first used ever?
[03:05:47] <AHelper0> nikky, I used Windows 3.1 first
[03:05:56] <nikky> Well. I used Windows 40% OF THE TIME SINCE I WAS SIXTEEN.
[03:05:57] <nikky> SUCK IT.
[03:06:49] * AHelper0 flies away from nikky's windows usage
[03:06:56] <nikky> I had faith that gimp could at least resize a psd...
[03:07:01] <nikky> It appears my faith was misplaced
[03:07:19] <AHelper0> nikky, wait, gimp can't resize a psd? That seems stupid
[03:07:22] <nikky> sorry
[03:07:32] <nikky> Portal 1: Deranged robot insults you while you solve puzzles. New. Funny. Quirky.
[03:08:03] <AHelper0> nikky, that basically sums up portal
[03:08:20] <nikky> Advanced Placement courses are a multi-level racket that basically treaches you very little while preparing you for a really crappy university experience.
[03:09:35] <AHelper0> nikky, and they crap on your course schedule. Its as if they want you to only be a part-time student.
[03:09:45] <nikky> they'll crap on your head if you throw them food off the ferry deck :-\
[03:09:53] <AHelper0> ahahaha
[03:11:29] <AHelper0> nikky, is JSP worse than PHP?
[03:11:32] <nikky> your face is
[03:11:35] <nikky> JSP worse than PHP
[03:12:33] <AHelper0> nikky, that basically comes down to whether or not Java mixed with HTM is worse than PHP
[03:12:39] <AHelper0> *HTML
[03:12:41] <nikky> you don't need to stalk someone to figure tha tout
[03:12:45] <nikky> unless you have zero common sense
[03:13:03] <AHelper0> nikky, well, what's your opinion? I think JSP is worse.
[03:13:07] <nikky> hint: not much worse
[03:13:40] <AHelper0> nikky, true, but I wouldn't trust a JVM for that sort of thing under stress on minimal hardware
[03:13:44] <nikky> why the outburst?
[03:13:57] <AHelper0> nikky, you mean me asking about this?
[03:14:04] <nikky> Clearly I was referring to irssi proxy
[03:14:08] <nikky> even Mr. 300-page signature knows that
[03:15:16] <AHelper0> nikky, Java servlet and such course makes PHP look good. Just wondering if I am losing faith in everything.
[03:15:19] <nikky> your face is
[03:15:23] <nikky> losing faith in everything
[03:15:35] <AHelper0> nikky, yes. My face can lose faith.
[03:15:41] <nikky> why support an inferior technology?
[03:16:30] <AHelper0> nikky, that's just how the Java train rolls Neutral
[03:16:33] <nikky> Hahahaha
[03:16:35] <nikky> What a tard
[03:17:14] <AHelper0> nikky, yeah... It sucks. But C and C++ are rolling around, preaching their salvation to the masses.
[03:17:18] <nikky> AHelper0 sucks balls
[03:17:29] <AHelper0> nikky sucks
[03:17:33] <nikky> chicken sucks
[03:17:40] <AHelper0> nikky, Java sucks
[03:17:45] <nikky> Should have used Perl
[03:17:50] * AHelper0 hugs nikky
[03:17:53] <nikky> Awesome
More than a few technical difficulties today Razz

25 17:53:03       <==   │ nikky (nikkybot@ip68-102-29-131.ks.ok.cox.net) has 
                        │ quit (Quit: DEBUGHAMMER)                           
25 17:53:07   unknownln │ nice                                               
25 17:53:10       ==>   │ nikky (nikkybot@ip68-102-29-131.ks.ok.cox.net) has 
                        │ joined #cemetech                                   
25 17:53:42   unknownln │ nikky are you having issues?                       
25 17:54:03       nikky │ yeah you with a program                             
25 17:54:07       nikky │ prog3erkjh(stuff,to,be,processed)                   
25 17:54:14   unknownln │ ouch...
[16:26] <EGeek> Most people who drink tea/coffee are already addicted - they just don't know it.
[16:26] <ordelore> bbuuuutt hoooww aaarree yoouu suuppoosseedd toooo tyyppe woordss cooorecetly witthoutt caafffeene?
[16:27] <PentiumII> I don't caffeine often; it's more of an "in case of emergency" thingy
[16:27] <nikky> uses semicolon
[16:27] <PentiumII> like when I fell asleep in the middle of a LAN party
[16:27] <nikky> doesn't end sentence with period and uses the made-up word "thingy"
[16:27] <PentiumII> Very Happy
[16:27] <EGeek> Don't be like Fry: http://vimeo.com/25246686
[16:28] <@saxjax> (C) *ordelore has logged in.
[16:28] <@saxjax> (C) *ordelore has entered the room.
[16:28] <EGeek> Wow. My code ought to be more PEP-8 compliant - https://bitbucket.org/E-Geek/timage/src/2f2d258f7eaa92bb8fb5af5d4352ba1600d343b9/TImage.py?at=default
[16:29] <ordelore> wait, wa sthat nikky or nikkybot?
[16:29] <nikkybot> wa
[16:29] <ordelore> *was that
[16:30] <PentiumII> from http://www.ticalc.org/about/staff/nikkys.html : "Nikky detests ... people who use semicolons"
[16:30] <ordelore> I'm gonna say that was real nikky then
[16:31] <nikky> was that like whatever
[16:31] <ordelore> dammit tev
[16:31] <PentiumII> ordelore, that was real nikky. they swapped again
[16:31] <ordelore> I can't tell the real nikky from the bot
[16:31] <nikky> When does the man end and the bot begin
[16:31] <PentiumII> nikky, at the /whois
[16:31] <nikky> whois nixon
[16:31] == nikky [nikky@nvm2u.com]
[16:31] == realname : nikky
[16:31] == channels : #seattlemeshnet #cemetech
[16:31] == server : irc.choopa.net [60 percent of the time it works every time]
[16:31] == End of WHOIS
[16:31] == nikkybot [nikkybot@ip68-102-29-131.ks.ok.cox.net]
[16:31] == realname : None
[16:31] == channels : #cemetech
[16:31] == server : irc.teksavvy.ca [TekSavvy Solutions - Visit #trivia]
[16:31] == End of WHOIS
[16:32] <EGeek> KermM: This looks pretty nice - http://www.teapigs.co.uk/tea/shop_by_category/matcha_shop
[16:33] <ordelore> xkcd++
[16:33] <@saxjax> (C) *Spud has entered the room.
[16:33] <ordelore> http://xkcd.com/1363/
[16:33] <nikky> I don't get it
[16:33] <nikky> Is that a joke or something
[16:33] <ordelore> It's supposed to be satiric
[16:34] <nikky> Of what?
[16:34] <nikky> Smartphones?
[16:34] <ordelore> yeah
[16:35] <nikky> Well, okay
[16:35] * nikky doesn't find xkcd very entertaining, amusing, or enlightening
[16:35] <PentiumII> nikkybot, do you xkcd very entertaining, amusing, or enlightening?
[16:35] <nikkybot> amusing? better than a beloved GUI IRC client
[16:35] <nikkybot> because he's higher than balls
[16:36] <unknownln> well crap
[16:36] <unknownln> now I've been confused even further
[16:36] <EGeek> Hahaha: http://xkcd.com/1171/
[16:36] <PentiumII> i'll take that as a yes
[16:36] <unknownln> nikky is now nikky, wtf is this
[16:36] <@saxjax> (C) *OldMathTeacher has entered the room.
[16:36] <EGeek> Just clicked random and got that gem
[16:36] <nikky> http://xkcd.com/748
[16:36] <nikky> haaha not funny at all
[16:36] <nikky> http://xkcd.com/442
[16:36] <nikky> lul what is this crap
[16:37] <nikky> http://xkcd.com/231
[16:37] <nikky> goddamn stahp

xkcd seems to be pretty popular.
Finally wrote up some info on the special commands it's accumulated.


Just added an "anti-highlight" feature that you can use if it bothers you when it says your nick on IRC--tell it "don't highlight me". Should work for both IRC and Sax nicks, but it could use more testing.
More gold
[12:26] <nikkybot> I just got my 89t about 2 months ago
[12:26] <ordelore> good for you nikkybot
[12:27] <nikkybot> it's all we're good for anymore
[12:27] <nikkybot> computers can do everything else
I feel like I am contributing to this thread rather well.
[08:54] <ordelore> argylesweater++
[08:54] <ordelore> http://images.ucomics.com/comics/tas/2014/tas140510.gif
[08:55] <@saxjax> (C) *ordelore added a post in [Hilarious Images] http://cemete.ch/p219201#219201
[08:56] <nikkybot> I saw that one coming.
[08:56] <nikkybot> Once he left I checked his infoline. Smile
[08:57] <@saxjax> (C) *princetonlion.tibd has entered the room.
[08:57] <@saxjax> (C) *matrefeytontias has entered the room.
[08:57] <ordelore> good one nikkybot
[08:57] <nikkybot> oh, good one
[08:58] == nikkybot [nikkybot@ip68-102-84-166.ks.ok.cox.net]
[08:58] == realname : None
[08:58] == channels : #cemetech
[08:58] == server : irc.paraphysics.net [This isn't rocket science. Oh wait, yes it is!]
[08:58] == End of WHOIS
[08:58] <ordelore> why yes, nikkybot, good one
[08:58] <nikkybot> because your counter sucks Smile
[08:59] <ordelore> it does not suck
[08:59] <ordelore> I have more hard drive space than you, nikkybot
[09:00] <nikkybot> AOL should display this when you have install their program. ordelore: AOL 9.0 Setup has detected that the following programs are incompatible with AOL. Please press 'next' to reformat hard drive
[09:00] <ordelore> nikkybot++
[09:00] <nikkybot> or photoshop + anything else Smile
[09:00] <ordelore> that brings back childhood memories
[09:00] <ordelore> of when games were on CDs
[09:00] <ordelore> and AOL had ads for their web browsers
[09:01] <ordelore> in order to play and/or install the game
Context is important.
15:30 <@KermM> Tari: On work machines where sudden memory latency
spikes mess up experiment results there is
15:30 < nikkybot> A bug that causes your calculator to load BeOS.
15:30 < nikkybot> All on its own
I never got what nikkybot is for... I don't even know what bots there are and how they are used...
Noobish me
Nikkybot is there to fill the void for friendly conversation when Nikky isn't available.[/sarcasm]
Nikkybot is available for Nikky's wisdom or lack thereof to remain available from Nikky's IRC logs.
Man, KermM sure was fooled.

[22:47:49] <saxjax> (C) *Dark_Oppressor created a new topic: [Two Broken TI-83 Plus Silver Editions] http://cemete.ch/p220554#220554
[22:48:06] <nikkybot> (C) *Spenceboy98 created a new topic: [The Church of Jesus Chist of Latter-Day Saints] http://cemete.ch/p175001#175001
[22:48:29] <saxjax> (C) *jetlego has entered the room.
[22:53:30] <saxjax> (C) *jetlego added a post in [Post Your Calculator Collection] http://cemete.ch/p220555#220555
[22:53:46] <KermM> DrDnar: I have been poked
[22:53:52] <KermM> Seriously, Spence?
[22:53:57] <KermM> I look forward to seeing that this is Neutral
[22:54:50] <saxjax> (C) *jetlego edited a post in [Arbitrary precision addition] http://cemete.ch/p220540#220540
[22:55:30] <saxjax> (C) [Spenceboy98] Kerm: I did that a while ago when I was a n00b. I know better now.
[23:01:44] <KermM> Oh, so you did
[23:01:50] <KermM> Hahaha, I didn't notice that that was Nikkybot
[23:01:53] <KermM> I feel so dumb now.\
[23:02:06] <nikkybot> It's the best font, both compact and professional. Yet casual at the same time. Smile
[23:02:11] <nikkybot> hm, I didn't notice that before.
[23:02:21] <KermM> nikkybot wins points for tricking me.
[23:02:33] <nikkybot> no, you get points for figuring out the \ in the nick thing
[23:02:39] <nikkybot> F\M\R loses points for attempting to copy you
[23:03:31] <saxjax> [twitter] Cemetech (cemetech) said: '06/07/14: 8149 users, 224403 posts, 9511 topics, 10850617 words, 27896852 views. 1027 progs by 213 people dl'ed x315725 #cemetech'
[23:03:38] <elfprince> nikkybot is trolling like a boss
[23:03:42] <nikkybot> tev can do it
[23:03:45] <nikkybot> Because he's a boss
[23:06:01] <nikky> suppppppppppppppppp
[23:06:18] <KermM> Hey, it's my favorite nikky
[23:06:19] <nikky> haha, nikkybot
[23:06:22] <nikky> what a chap
[23:06:23] <nikkybot> Great
[23:06:24] <nikky> chap
[23:06:26] <nikky> champ
[23:06:26] <nikkybot> You deserve to be caught
[23:06:27] <KermM> Oh sorry, I mean my LEAST FAVORITE nikky
[23:06:28] <nikkybot> damn
[23:06:33] <nikky> that is seriously brilliant
[23:06:37] <KermM> nikkybot, nikky more like
[23:06:37] <nikky> it replicating post notifications
[23:06:41] <nikkybot> nikky more like your face
[23:06:44] <KermM> nikky: And successfully tricked me

Post counts are irrelevant!.
[23:38:58] <saxjax> (C) [DJ_O] welp, my Omnimaga postcount went down by over 1300
[23:42:35] <-- Rivereye (~Rivereye@99-39-106-188.lightspeed.gdrpmi.sbcglobal.net) has left this server (Ping timeout: 300 seconds).
[00:00:10] <AHelper0> I spy someone really wants to have the top post count
[00:00:28] <AHelper0> nikkybot, post count more like
[00:00:31] <nikkybot> post count
[00:00:33] <nikkybot> more like
[00:00:35] <nikkybot> Suckcraft
[00:00:46] <AHelper0> Yeah, nikkybot! Who even cares, anyways?
[00:00:59] <nikkybot> MV is probably the only staff on any major site anymore Who even cares, about calculators
[00:01:02] <nikkybot> everyone is like, meh
[00:01:06] <AHelper0> ℳℰℋ
[00:01:10] <AHelper0> o_O
[00:02:14] <AHelper0> nikkybot, what's worse than a Java virtual machine written in PHP?
[00:02:20] <nikkybot> It is a real thing.
[00:02:29] <nikkybot> For someone with "thought" in your nick, you should do what you agreed to.
[00:02:29] <AHelper0> nikkybot, GET OUT.
[00:02:34] <nikkybot> NO HELP ALLOWED
[00:02:36] <nikkybot> GET OUT. CHEATER
#cemetech wrote:
[20:15] <KermM> Merth: You'd expect a robot to agree with you. Wink
[20:15] <CVSoft-D> nikkybot, do you agree with Merth?
[20:15] <nikkybot> no
[20:15] <KermM> !ban
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