wow, looking really good!
Version 1.1 is out. Download links are the same (on the first post), or soon enough in the Cemetech archives.

You can read the changelog here:

Good job! I really like the analog clock! Very Happy
Thanks! Smile
Version 1.1 is now uploaded on every place where 1.0 was (on my server, at Cemetech and at Casiopeia).
Here are some screenshots of the new features in v1.1:

Calendar week view:
Calendar event search results (the query was "test event"):
Clipboard manager in file browser:
System information screen, showing the information for the 1.02 fx-CG Manager:
Part of the new settings screen:
Here's how the calendar is going to look like, in the next version:

That huge amount of colored days is because of the event categories on these days. Also, now the color mark extends past the start day, up to the end day - that's what happens on these green and light-red colored days. I made sure the screenshot shows the colors for all the colored categories.

If you don't like the color scheme, please say it now.
I love that color scheme Wink

Can't wait for the release!
flyingfisch wrote:
Can't wait for the release!

You'll have to wait a long time, I'm afraid...
gbl08ma wrote:
flyingfisch wrote:
Can't wait for the release!

You'll have to wait a long time, I'm afraid...

Why? did your prizm break again? D:
flyingfisch wrote:
Why? did your prizm break again? D:

No, it's because the next release is scheduled for next year.
gbl08ma wrote:
flyingfisch wrote:
Why? did your prizm break again? D:

No, it's because the next release is scheduled for next year.
I was about to bemoan that until I realized that next year is two weeks away. Wink
I'm also coding a tool that lets you import events in iCalendar format into the Utilities calendar database. It will be a three step process:
First, you use a script on the computer (or go to a website) to convert the ics file to the format understood by Utilities.
Second, you put the files on your calculator, on the folder the computer instructs you to.
Third, you open Utilities and go into a certain menu to import the events. This is the easiest-to-follow step, but also the one that takes longer (several minutes or even hours, depending on the amount of events to import). Blame the speed of the storage memory on the Prizm for the delay...
Wow, sounds cool!

Now all we need is CalcNet for PRIZM so we can auto sync....
Version 1.2 is out, with lots of improvements and new features! As always, the download links are the same (see the first post). Utilities has a new icon.

You can read the changelog here:

Enjoy and report any problems!

Utilities provides a lot of features and I'm sure most users don't use all of them, or at least not with the same frequency. To help shape the future of Utilities (and other Prizm software of mine), please tell us what features you use the most and those you don't touch at all.
TL;DR: there is a new v1.2.1 version, but it isn't publicly available for download (even though it is a public release). You do not need it if v1.2 works for you.

I have just made a small-dot release, v1.2.1. This version will not be packaged for online distribution on sites such as my blog, Cemetech, Casiopeia, etc. as it's usual, as I don't think the improvements are important enough to even compensate the hassle of having to upload new archives, update ZIP files and READMEs with changelogs, post the news all over the place, etc.
v1.2.1 includes a few improvements over v1.2, namely fixes for a few hard-to-trigger bugs[1], faster calendar operation when the database is very busy, a setting for defining the type of notification to be shown when a chronometer finishes, different UI logic with regards to the file manager and text editor, and functionality for displaying the current username/organization/password for the "User name" feature in the System menu (so, functionality similar to the Password add-in), as well as the history of all the user/org/pw combos ever entered on that screen (yes, it's creepy) - the OS reserves 128 KB of flash space just for storing that log, and on this new version you can see the usage of such "partition" with the Memory Usage viewer.

If you're interested in getting v1.2.1, please PM me, send me an email, well, get in touch. I will be distributing it to a few friends who specifically asked for the features and bug fixes, but for the general public I would say there is no hurry in updating.

[1] Thanks to a German user for pointing them out and also giving suggestions for features to add; I'm not sure if I am allowed to publish that user's name.
v1.3 is out. It has some new features, notably a file search feature and file compression and decompression functionality through the Heatshrink library. The file manager can now sort items by name or size. Folders can now be copied. Calendar operation is much faster, and many small bugs were fixed. All this, plus the things introduced with v1.2.1 (see above). See a detailed changelog here:

Download here:
...or, soon enough, on the Cemetech archives.

Utilities now replaces six different add-ins, in just 148 KiB versus 390 KiB.
v1.4 is out, with a few bug fixes and small improvements. No new big features, but you should still update to get rid of the "Check for Updates" screen. The function keys on the chronometer screen now show and hide as it makes sense to have their functions available, file search can now be aborted using AC/ON, and if you're in the US or Europe Utilities will remind you how to set the clock when the DST changes. The "Count days" option shows more information now.
See the full changelog here:

Download v1.4 here:
Cemetech's and other archives will be updated soon.

My work here is basically done; Utilities now is in "maintenance updates only" mode, which means that no new features will be added and new releases will only happen to fix bugs. It is very likely that v1.4 will be the last version of Utilities. This marks the end of two years of work, and so I'd like to thank everyone who made this project possible and helped reach this stage: the people who started reverse-engineering the Prizm, those that made the first SDKs and, especially, PrizmSDK and libfxcg (as incomplete as they are), the beta-testers and, last but not least, the users.
I will try to name these people in no special order, and most certainly fail to name them all: Simon Lothar, cfxm, KermM, Tari, AHelper, Shaun, Scott Vokes, helder7, flyingfisch, Spenceboy, TeamFX, ProgrammerNerd/ComputerNerd, JosJuice, Jens Müller, jet322, r4ph43110w, TheStorm, krazylegodrummer56, nsg, Casimo and balping.

Finally, I reiterate my apologies for any damage this software may have caused, directly or indirectly, but some things are always out of one's control. If I were to do all this again knowing what I know today, I would probably do it in a different way, with less frequent public releases. Or perhaps I would not even start doing it, I don't know. The Prizm, as things are now, is not a platform for which writing software is pleasant, especially after what happened regarding broken hardware. In part, this explains my decreasing motivation in continuing development of Prizm software.
gbl08ma wrote:
The Prizm, as things are now, is not a platform for which writing software is pleasant, especially after what happened regarding broken hardware. In part, this explains my decreasing motivation in continuing development of Prizm software.

Is there anything that would make it more pleasant? If there was one thing I would want, it would be a debugger. I understand that to some extend the issue of lacking a debugger can be solved using #ifdef CASIO_PRIZM #else #endif and the likes and just develop on the PC. However if the app uses lots of syscalls a replacement is needed which is not a huge deal. Also the only thing I can think of is that it is slow to upload files into the emulator. If there is anything that I am missing please tell, maybe there is a way that I could make it better.
My issues with the platform have more to do with OS quirks, unexplainable/hard to explain behavior, ease of device bricking, lack of official recognition/support for 3rd party development (unlike e.g. fx9860G) and the like, than with development and debugging tools (I'm very happy with Sublime Text, gcc, libfxcg, mkg3a and the Casio emulator, even though I agree the latter could upload files faster, and getting a view of the current RAM contents would be handy at times).
Well that can be solved by disassembling the OS. I will get to that at some point. I do have a good starting point if you want the IDA pro database file. To view the ram you could make something that displays values on the prizm's screen. Also what does Sublime Text have to do with the prizm?
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