Is there a 3D Graphing app for the casio prizm that is like where it gives you a 2d x-y view with a slider for z? If there is not, do you think that it would be hard to program? I haven't done very much calculator programming. But, I am not afraid of it.
Unfortunately, there is no such application at the moment. If you feel like creating something of your own, specifically in C, I'd be more than happy to help you with it, given that you could start from Graph3DP, and perhaps even make this new feature a feature of an expanded Graph3DP. I understand if C isn't quite your cup of tea, though.
I would very much like to create something on my own. I won't be able to start attacking it until at least June or July. I have programmed in C++, but never C. I am willing to learn C just to make this program. So, if you know of any good references for me to learn from, it would be greatly appreciated.
Since this is a regular 2D graph, I think there is built-in support for animating a variable for graphing.
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