I've been working a bit on a 3D-type maze thingy, and figured I'd throw a post up to show off what I've done so far. Here's a screen shot:

Render distance is 4. Can't turn yet, and it doesn't draw walls right in front of you. There's also not a whole lot of checking where it should draw, but that's what I've got so far.

Here it is with a render distance of 5. I'll have to decide which is best (or make it customizable):
Another feature to consider would be to consider a non-linear perspective calculation, which would look a bit more natural in the absence of shading.

I thought about suggesting something like that, but honestly I don't think the speed penalty of the computation is worth the slightly more natural render. I think this looks great as-is, and I can't wait to see it continue to progress. What kind of features do you have in mind for it? Perhaps something like a Doom/uLTra TournaMent game? Or do you plan to stick with maze-like things?
I don't plan on it being much more than a simple maze-type thing. Walk around, get to the exit. Maybe add some collectable treasure or something. The engine itself is going to have a lot of limitations, mostly because I don't feel like doing any actual math or dealing with edge cases Razz
Well, it looks awesome so far, regardless Smile
Haha, that's reasonable enough. I think the next logical step should be to put a kitten in the maze at the exit so it's a Zen (3D Maze) Simulation. Wink
Small update:
Looks cool. Hmm, what if you made this 1st person PacMan?
Asian wrote:
Looks cool. Hmm, what if you made this 1st person PacMan?
Or it could be a maze. Wink That looks quite smooth and fun to play, Merth; keep up the good work.
Wow that looks actually cool and renders somewhat fast. Very Happy One idea I have would be to add some sort of field of view fog effect where the farther a wall/floor/ceiling part is, the darker/grayer it is, but I guess rendering the floor/ceiling line by line might slow things down.
Looks really cool! Is that using xLIBC, because by the pixels, it looks like it.
The screenshot is faster than it runs on hardware, but it's not so bad on hardware--so long as you're not expecting it to be real-time. First-person PacMan sounds... strange. This'll just be a maze. Next up is turning, and then collision detection. Then maybe I'll add some sprites Smile
Disco mode easter egg?

Also, thanks to Weregoose being a wizard, turning is in there (just need to update the compass):
ooo~ This is awesome, though all the colors is different.. lol

I'm eager to see what kind of things you do with this.
I support the disco mode, although I don't know about the floor and sky changing color as well. Wink What magic was necessary to be wrought by Weregoose to support turning?
Rotating a matrix.
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