Hum, where did you see this ? You can register until the end of the first round. But the more early you register, the best it will be, because you won't forget it later. Wink
Ok, so I permit myself to double posting, so that you can know who the judges will be. Smile

And also, do not forget to register ! Very Happy
Beginning in one week !
Here is the number of people who registered until now, followed by the number of participants last year :
TI-Basic z80 : 17 (18 )
Axe : 9 (4)
Asm z80 : 7 (4)
Lua Nspire : 9 (4)
Only a few days left !
Do not forget to register :
The contest has new begun ! Very Happy

Do not forget to register, if you haven't done it yet ! Wink
Finally got around to registering. Smile I figured I'd try out z80 TI-BASIC this time around, as z80 ASM is so time-consuming to write, and time is not something I have a great deal of these days.
Last day in TI-Basic z80. Smile
And first day in Axe !
The asm contest has started. Smile
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