I have reached a little dilema in my high school life: I spend so much time on the Cemetech IRC, that I am losing a large amount of working time. with this time gone, I am not completing assignments, and those assignments I don't turn in do show up on my report card.

in short: IRC is hurting my grades.

As such, a few of you will notice a large drop in my cemetech activity for a while, as I will be taking a temporary leave of absence. I don't mean to be gone forever, but grades are very important to me (and all of us still in school, I'm sure!) and I need to get this work done.

I will miss you guys very much, and I cannot wait until I am finished with all of my work.
Good luck getting your work back on track, LuxenD. As much as we all (myself very much included) love getting buried in our projects here, it's extremely important not to lose a solid handle on real life. I hope things look up soon.
Good luck with school and cya soon!
Good Luck ! Perhaps this is a true sign of a Cemetechian.
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