Back in May 2010, I made a Youtube video paying tribute to the then-new Axe Parser language for the TI-83 Plus and 84 Plus series. The video showcased various animations and games to show what could be done with Axe Parser back in the days.

Three years later, here comes a second tribute video from me, done in a similar fashion, but this time for the new HP Prime graphing calculator! This video showcases several programs that people have made or are working on using the HP PPL programming language available on this 400 MHz ARM device that has 32 MB of RAM and 256 MB of Flash, and this is only the beginning, as the unit has not yet been pushed to its limits!

The song used in this video is called "No Way Home", released in 2012 by Albion. I chose this song because I thought that its melody similarities with the song used in the Axe Parser Tribute video in 2010 would be fitting and I never got around finishing the 2012 version of Quest for the Legendary Axe. You can buy Albion's song and the album it comes from (Signal from the Sky) on Bandcamp. Most programs in this video are made by various members of the HP Prime community, in particular from MoHPC and the two HP Prime sub-forums on Omnimaga. Since the HP Prime came out, Cemetech and the main Nspire hacking headquarter TI-Planet have taken interest in this calculator from Hewlett-Packard too and from the latter site, came a third-party linking software. We can't wait to see what programmers have in store for this new machine.

Enjoy the video!
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