So for Christmas, I got a very old computer monitor from a non-technical friend of mine. here it is. (it's kinda big, didn't want it clogging up the thread.)

And of course it had no cables, so I shopped around and found this one, for the power. The way I found it was, I looked up the model name for the monitor, and found this. but it was kinda pricey, so I looked on ebay for a cheaper version, and bought it.

Anyway, the thing doesn't fit in the thing. here's a picture.

Is there a way I can figure out what kind of adapter I need, or like mod the plug or the the port so it fits? I made sure it's the right wattage and output and everything.
The picture is a relatively bad one. The plug looks like it fits to me. If you could take two more pictures with a millimeter ruler (or a standard 12" ruler flipped over to cm side) of both the plug on the monitor and the charger, that'd be awesome.

If it doesn't match what that "Less4Gadget" website says, the charger was mislabeled on eBay.

DC Size:
Inner diameter - 1.7mm
Outer diameter - 4.8mm
are these better?




wasn't sure if that charger pic was any good, here's two more. (first, second)


the charger i bought fits into my router, so it's the same size as this charger, if that helps.
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