A while back, Gameloft teamed up with Discovery Bay Games to create an iPhone controller for Gameloft games. However, with iOS 7's gamepad API, support for the Duo Gamer was dropped. Amazon was selling the Duo for 6 bucks with Prime, so I picked one up. It's not too bad of a controller, but has one serious flaw: it shows up as a Bluetooth headset!

This is the controller itself:

Five screws later and we're in!

Most interestingly, there is a spot for a USB plug. I soldered in one earlier, but nothing shows up most of the time. Occasionally, the status LED would turn red, and the Duo would show up as a generic HID device that said something along the lines of code upload. I was unable to replicate this though.

The back of the board. The main controller chip has been scrubbed clean of any intensifying markings, so that's a no go.

Also, apparently this is an Atari-V2 board?

I'm going to hook up my logic analyse to some of the test points and see if I can't find a serial port or something. I'll update as I progress.
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