Hey folks,

is there a way to programm the Casio Prizm Cg-20 in C++?
Yes, you can compile c++ support from GCC. You will need to grab a few changes to get it work (Mainly, you need to build it with SJLJ exceptions). I think libfxcg took in the change to allow c++.

What platform are you on? If you can get GCC compiled from here, then I can post the changes to get c++ working.
I'm actually on windows, but I only have a few experience with C++ so I think Prizm Basic is at least enough.
Thank you!
Before I learned C, I was turned off of things that could only be written for in C. However, after having learned C, I think that shouldn't be a reason to not use that platform, but rather a reason to learn C++.

Knowing C++ without knowing C is a good way to cripple your programming ability. You should learn C before C++, as you'll be much better off for it.
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