I'm not sure. Mine won't. Also, I added a little effect:
I like the effect, but does it stop the game temporarily while the effect is taking place, or does everything just happen as normal?
The game s delayed while this is happening anyway, because it needs to process the row. I added the effect to make it seem less slow.
Time for some beta testing, please!
Please please please test on hardware, not an emulator. If you test on an emulator and complain about performance, I will call you a moron.

Everything is working right now, I think, except for saving high scores. I'm waiting for Kerm's response in the DCS8 thread for that. Give it a go and let me know what you think, report any bugs, etc. Right now I have the eggshells appearing 1/3 the time the other things appear, let me know if that feel right to you.
While people are testing this, here's the help screen:
Just so I have a place to remember:

[20:34] <@tifreak> 640 points, 6 rows, level 13

Before I died :<
Heh, nice work! Any thing you think I should adjust? Speed, rate of egg shells, points per pair, etc?

The version with help has been uploaded:
I'm going to copy this here just to remind myself:
merthsoft wrote:
KermMartian wrote:
Would DeleteLine + InsertLine do what you need, Merthsoft? That way you won't have to force your users to use 8.1, but I will still fix this and other issues.

Edit #2: Yes, I confirm that det(7) (DeleteLine) + det(2) (InsertLine) appears to function correctly.
Oh, yes, that should work fine! I don't know why I didn't think of that Sad I'll get that in place after work and upload the game! (After implementing a pause feature.)
I must say that to my great frustration, TI-Connect is still being dumb about my TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, and I haven't had a chance to install TILP II yet. However, just from that screenshot and to nitpick, may I recommend changing those two horizontal dividers to a lighter color?
I've uploaded the game!
Congratulations, Merthsoft! This is superb work, and I can't wait to get this onto my calculator. Seems like something that should at least have Cemetech frontpage news, I should think. Wink
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