I was asked the difference between a Pi and Uno. I understand that the Arduino is a micro-controller and the Pi is a micro-computer with out onboard RAM.

At the risk of being a pendant, I notice that the press are referring to the Pi as a "Mini-Computer". A Mini Computer is a large beast similar to a Prime, PDP or IBM AS/400 and therefore a step down from a Mainframe.

So what is the difference between the Pi and Uno ?
I assume by "Uno" you mean Arduino Uno.

The main distinction comes from the package of the CPU. The arduino's AVR microcontroller has everything on-chip: CPU, memories (RAM and Flash), and various peripherals. The Raspberry Pi's CPU is a microprocessor-based system on chip. It has a CPU and basic peripherals on-chip, but no memory to speak of. The RAM and other memories are all off-chip.
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