We are sad to inform you that one of our old Cemetech and community members took his life this past weekend. Tribal was a Cemetech member of six years and later an Omnimaga Support staff member. In his time in the community, Tribal did not work on many high-profile projects with the community; instead he devoted his time around to talking with people, engaging in good conversation, and making sure that the peace was kept when it needed to be. The community is asking people that knew him well to sign this form so we can print a card out for the family and send it to them to show our sympathy and support. May he rest in peace.

You will be greatly missed Tribal. I've known him for quite a few years. I was the one who found out that he passed away from his uncle calling me and his mom contacting me about it. At first I didn't want to believe it, but sadly it is true. I'm very sad that this happened.

On a side note, his nick on irc *is* still online, and will stay on since I host it. I'm not taking it off because I don't want anyone impersonating him at all. Currently I am the only one with access to his efnet bnc. Any activity is from me or my znc freaking out like it does sometimes.
That's terrible news! My sympathies and prayers are with his family and friends Sad
Never good news. Sad
I am sad to hear of this news - I did not know this member but I hope this thread wil be of some comfort to those who did.
He will forever remain in our hearts.
I never knew him but I'm sure he was a great guy. May he rest in peace. Sad
Tribal seemed to show a lot of promise in his exploration of neural networks and AIs, he knew his way around C++, and he was very helpful with Doors CS 7 debugging. It's a real shame when a promising life is cut down early for any reason. Sad
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