So I uploaded the picture, now im on a screen that asks me what type of calculator I have.

Which should I select?
I have a Ti-84, gray scale, no colors.

The options are:
1. Z80 ASM (TI-84+CSE 1/2/4/8-Bit Palettized Color)
2. Z80 ASM (TI-84+CSE 1/2/4/8-Bit Palettized Color)

Also, when I open it up I get 1, 2, 4, 8 bit... what the hell lol

I just created the picture with one of those picture creator apps, and now I was trying to upload it to put it in my SOUCE-Coder App, but I don't understand what the hell im supposed to do.

Can anyone pleasee help me???????
xologist, are you trying to convert a picture into an Image file for your calculator? Are you using SourceCoder 2.5 or SourceCoder 3? Are we talking TI-83+/TI-84+ or TI-84+CSE?
I made a picture with an app called "Drawxe" , makes pictures for you. it's easier. (since I dk how to make pics by hand on the calc lol).

So my plan was to upload it to SCoder 3, and copy it's code into my other program on Scoder 3; however, I don't understand which code im supposed to copy.

I am using a ti-84 Plus Silver Edition (grayscale , NOT the one full of colors).

- btw, since you're here and ur the admin, SC3 has an issue with PI (3.14 greek letter), and returns an error when the program is ran on the calculator.
What picture format is it in? .8xi, .png, .gif, .bmp, or something else? What do you mean that you want to copy the code into a program? Pictures are always .8xi files (and Pic0 or Pic4 or whatever on the calculator).
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