Is it possible to disassemble an *.8xk application file for the TI-84 and make edits to the assembly code before recompiling?
HatWizard wrote:
Is it possible to disassemble an *.8xk application file for the TI-84 and make edits to the assembly code before recompiling?
Short answer, yes. Long answer, it's painful. You can dump and disassemble an Application, but you'll need to manually figure out the names and functions of all the labels, RAM storage locations, subroutines, and so on. It's very far from a trivial process. Are you trying to do anything we can help you figure out?
Well, I don't need to analyze the entire application- only one small part of it. How would I go about dumping and disassembling the application?
What APP are you trying to disassemble? You will need the authors permission (maybe they will give you the source?).

(This doesnt have anything to do with trying to port MirageOS to the 84C does it?)
They might, but I feel like it would be a good idea in general to learn how to disassemble an app.

(And no, it has nothing to do with that.)
Just search for a z80 DISassembler and you should find something that suits your needs. I think the .8xk is just the uncompressed hex, i'm not sure if there's a HEX to z80 converter somewhere. If so, you could just copy the hex directly from the application. I know Omnimaga's IRC has one, but i dunno that it'd handle an entire application...
I downloaded many programs, but none of them were able to disassemble the 8xk app successfully.. has anyone ever done this before? If so, what programs did you use?
The .8xk isn't assembled code, it's hex characters. Two hex characters represent one byte on the calculator, that's why all apps are twice the size on the computer as they are oncalc. You'd need to compress/squish the data (it's like the old .obj files with tasm, i don't think Spasm even creates an .obj file).
I know that BrandonW swears by Ida Pro for reverse-engineering the OS, and the OS is formatted very similarly to an App. Unfortunately, though, that's a paid (and rather) expensive program, but perhaps you can find a cheap or free similar program with similar functionality.
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