I just released a flash app for the TI84+CSE called IViewer that will let you view images on your calculator. It lets you store up to 255 app var images that you can create using the included image converter. It features reduced color, color inversion, horizontal scrolling, and displaying images <= 160x120 at double size. It currently only has RLE compression. The image converter program will also export .asm files so that you can compress the data yourself or add it straight to a program or game. IViewer is good for viewing mockups of (or actual) gamescreens or sprites to be used in games. Check out http://briandm82.com/ti84cse/ for a demo of the original version. By tomorrow I should have another video out going over the code if anyones interested.
I'm sure there will be a lot of interest in your code, specifically how managed to achieve 256-bits of color and the speed.
comicIDIOT wrote:
I'm sure there will be a lot of interest in your code, specifically how managed to achieve 256-bits of color and the speed.
Well, 16 bits of color, like any ASM program. Wink 8-bit color gets 256 colors, and 16-bit color gets 65536 colors, as you might imagine. The problem with the deeper color depths is that images take more space. A full-screen 16-bit image for the TI-84+CSE is 320*240*(16/Cool = 153,600 bytes.
256 bits! Thanks for pointing that out Kerm! Sorry Sad I hope I didn't write that anywhere! I meant 256 colors! The most the screen can display is 18 bits and you probably don't want to go there memory-wise Wink The program is limited to 256 colors so that at max it takes up 1 byte per pixel. But yeah that's 256 out of 65536 that you can choose from. But if your using only 16 colors it will store 2 pixels per byte, at 4 colors 4 pixels per byte, and at 2 colors 8 pixels per byte. The UI display routine is pretty fast to get the main screen up quick but the regular display routines aren't optimized and could definitely be improved. Unfortunately though, even just looping through drawing 8 pixels at a time, a full screen rewrite is noticeably slow and couldn't be accomplished during an interrupt. (without the interrupt getting called again before it was finished.)
You didn't! I just wrote the wrong word. I'm sorry.
Been updating IViewer so that BASIC programs can display high resolution images for splash screens or games. It should be released today. It includes Developer and Easy Image Converters to simplify creating image appvars and creating images for games and programs.
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