Hey I'm new to the forums (I had another account I used to make a post a looong time ago but it got deactivated) but I got the email about this contest. I'm a very experienced programmer in BASIC, I've made a few games like snake and a maze where you move around like a knight does in chess but you are limited by black blocks which mark the screen. Okay I'm off topic.

I want to do a projectile motion program where the user inputs values for gravity, mass, and initial velocity and kinematics equations will appear as necessary. Then when you run the program, you can adjust the ball's start point and initial direction and start the ball going. At any point in the program you can pause the ball in mid flight and view labeled force diagrams. Did I mention you can bounce it off of walls?

Haven't yet worked out the entertainment aspect of it, but I imagine it will include a target or basket you have to hit. Still waiting for the rubric to see what you are looking for in that.
The rubric has actually already been published, Rian, along with the rules: http://www.cemetech.net/news.php?id=604 . This sounds like a great project; lots of luck on it. If you didn't already do so with your old account, you should Introduce Yourself in our topic for that purpose. If you're proud of some of those previous projects of yours, you should consider uploading them to the Cemetech File Archives, also.
One last quesiton, and sorry if this is redundant (I looked around for quite a bit and couldn't find the answer)

How do we submit the code/readme? Just copy it into a text file or something and attach it to an email?
Yup. It should all be in your .zip file. Program, code and readme.

(You should be able to reactivate your account through your old e-mail, since that e-mail still appears to be valid)
Thanks guys! You've been a big help
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