Despite the fact that I have to catch 5 planes in the next 40 days I'm going to try to get together a contest entry anyway.

SNIPER: An educational physics game (wow!) focusing on projectile motion and fluid dynamics. As a new recruit into the world's most elite sniper squad you must learn how to shoot, quickly and accurately. And don't waste any bullets!

Gameplay: You will be provided with the following information: wind, air density, bullet areas, coefficients of drag, weapon exit velocities, and your position respective to your target. The player will need to choose their weapons, bullets, and at what angle they would like to fire their weapon.

Planned features:
2 Game Modes
>Training- Preset levels taking the player from vacuum shooting simulations through bizzare alien atmospheres.
>Field Missions- Randomized levels, the difficulty of which can be set by the player (and limited by how much training they've completed!)
Semi realistic drag force and wind
Several different kinds of weapons, each with their own exit velocity and drag coefficients
3 types of randomly generated terrain a la Scorched Earth, city, forest and mountain

Random fractal terrain generation
8bit terrain texture in 4 level grayscale
Player movement and aim
Basic shooting projectile physics
Weapon data structure and selection menu

To Do

Set up tilp/tilem on this system
Aiming guide
Bullet collision checks
Explosive objects
Target objects
Ammunition functionality/store
Fluid drag/resistance/wind
Infrastructure for 2 game modes (menus, etc.)
Tutorial level creation

Might do

16 bit textures
Electromagnetic effects on bullets for later levels
Wow, that's some fast progress! That fractal terrain generation and rendering sounds particularly intriguing; I hope we'll get to see some screenshots soon. When you say "basic shooting projectile physics", do you mean in rendering/movement terms, or educational terms?
Finally got tilp and tilem up and running, here's a screenshot.

The screenshot shows the extent of the shooting physics I have so far , both educational and rendering/movement, (which is to say, not very much-- yet!) A lot of the educational bits will be implemented through the tutorial game mode with your sergeant instructor and pre-made levels.
Looking great so far. What exactly are you doing with fluid dynamics?
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