Being a space garbage collector is not an easy task. You must displace enormous bunches of weird heavily radioactive ... "things" that needs to be destroyed by being thrown into a black hole or two. It's so exhausting that you can't take care of your family anymore. And so since years and years.

One day, you decide that you've got enough. Using your mad scientist skills, you search for something that could make your life easier. And at the moment where you started to figure out something, BOOM ! Your lab explodes and you with it ; but strangely you're not wounded. Instead, all your metallic objects suddenly jumps at you ! You're now magnetic !

HoleField is a game where you must throw radioactive garbage into black holes only using your magnetism that you can now generate and control. But beware ! Magnetism is not the only force in space, there's gravity too ! Beware not to be attracted in the garbage chunks or in black holes, and be sure to avoid stars, because if you fall in them, you die, and if you throw your heavily radioactive sh*t in it, they explode, and you with it (and this time, you won't become magnetic anymore) !

The whole game is based on two equations, the equation of attraction by gravity and the equation of attraction by magnetism (sorry, my school level doesn't permit me much more things). Your character only use magnetism, but any other object in the game use gravity (and some objects use both forces).

I didn't plan much more of the game yet, but here's a mockup of what it will possibly be :

You'll can change the q1 value of the equation (which is your electric charge), and thus d² will change. k is a constant which I forgot Razz

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The k is Coulomb's constant, I think it is 8.998e9 Nm^2C^-2.
This is an interesting idea, good luck!
This sounds very creative, matrefeytontias! I love that you're doing magnetism and gravity on a galactic scale, and I look forward to seeing what you discover while you work on this. I suspect you (and your users!) will find something interesting about the relationship between magnetism and gravity. Why did you choose Axe for this, out of curiosity, despite its poor support for floating-point numbers?
I like how you came up with a backstory as well as the mechanics for your game. Cant wait to see the source once the game is finished.
Thanks all Smile

KermMartian wrote:
Why did you choose Axe for this, out of curiosity, despite its poor support for floating-point numbers?

Because I'm not good enough in ASM and I find TI-Basic way too slow for what I want to achieve Razz

And Axe's fixed point math is not that bad. I mean, I can easily do 3D with it, why not simulating forces. All you have to do is arrange your operations in the right order.

EDIT : actually the game is not about gravity/magnetic fields, but gravity/electric forces Razz (I just re-read my physic lessons of this year >_> ) gonna edit the first post
Bump !

Who said that I needed floats to simulate attraction and repulsion ? Razz

Yeah the equation is wrong Razz but I wrote it this way because I didn't think that the "10^9" had to be inside k (which is not the case in my code of course).
Awesome! Nice backstory too! Smile
Update !

I got the gameplay done, now all of what's left is to create the levels Smile

Finally, I won't include gravity in the game, because the screen is too small for such addition of forces to keep the game playable. So I'm modifying the game a bit.

Here are the objects I planned for the game :
  • You : you're a pixel, you move with [↓][←][→][↑] and you control the value of your electric field with [plus][minus].
  • The garbage : it's a bunch of residual radioactive matter that your work is to make disappear. Each bunch has a fixed electric charge.
  • The black hole : it's fixed in space, and only waits for you to feed it by sending the garbage in its monstrous galactic mouth. Once it ate all the garbage of the zone, you get to the next level.
  • Asteroid : there is a lot of undesired matter in space, including asteroids. These bunches of rock and dust move on the screen in a constant random direction at a constant random speed, but wraps around (that means, if the asteroid exits the screen at the left, it'll enter at the right with the same speed/direction). Beware, some have electric charges, so you can influence them ! Also, beware that your garbage don't hit any asteroid, because then the unstable bunch of matter will explode, spreading mortal projectiles everywhere in space ! (for you, it means you fail the level Razz)

And of course, screenshot of the current progress ! I only made two levels, so you can't see the asteroids yet, and I only have one garbage at once. I also wrote an introduction story :

EDIT : now that I think of it, maybe it's a bit too much "game" than "educational" ... isn't it ?
This looks superb, matref! As you say, it's a little far towards the game end of things, since you don't need to solve any equations to play as far as I can tell. Then again, it does teach the equations, which is an important part of all entries, so perhaps it would indeed be appropriate as-is. It certainly wouldn't get disqualified with this level of physics instruction.
Thanks Smile

It's okay then. I planned to display small physic-related notes and hints between the levels, so I can include pretty much any info I want.
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