Hey everyone. I just started working on learning some Lua (as well as python) and had a few questions on the lua aspect. For a first program I was making a prime number finder sort of deal and realized I couldn't find that without in some way detecting decimals. Is there some equivilant fpart( or ipart( from ti basic in lua? Thanks!
The math.modf function returns both(separately).


Good luck learning! Smile
Okay, so say I want the decimal stored to var B and the integer into var A how would I do that since it returns two values? Oh wait.. Is it the same way that C returns values?
C does not support returning multiple values from a single function so no, it is not the same as C. If you want the integral part in a and the fractional part in b you can do so like this:

a, b = math.modf(math.pi)

In this case a is 3 and b is 0.14159 (etc)
Yeah lol. I found that out earlier today. But thanks for clarifying!
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