A week or so after several members were alerted to the availability of the TI-84+ CSE through a distributor, calculators were purchased and ideas were formed on what would be programmed. So far, to date, members of Cemetech have created the following:

KermMartian has written Frogger, a BASIC port of his Frogger game for the 83+. Then he produced PCSEBall, a program that bounces 10 balls across the calculator screen and fills the screen with various colors, the first program to directly manipulate the LCD. He later released Scarth, a 'Scorched Earth' clone, followed a couple of days later by Pi Eater, a fun little program where you enter in values and watch the pie get eaten, and shows you radians and degrees of the angle that's been eaten. Plans for a DoorsCS8 have also been brewing, but nothing has been set in stone, as of yet.

merthsoft was lucky enough to be able to join KermMartian in going to T^3 Link Link and managed to get a head start on programming the classic game of Snake, giving colors and even a small plot to it, as you try to miss the blue poison berries and eat the apples. With new information in hand, he also updated TokenIDE, though further updates are pending to complete the list.

So far, that lazy bum tifreak8x has only managed to rebuild and port over a small converter program and a small program that draws random sized circles in random places on the graph screen, with random colors being applied to each circle drawn.

From DrDnar, we've got a Clock speed test program to indicate how fast your 84+CSE can go, and with the help of Adriweb and FloppusMaximus, we have the ability to toggle lowercase letters.

During the time Kerm had the calculator earlier than the rest of us, he set up jstified to emulate the 84+CSE. As of yet, getting a proper ROM image from a calculator you purchased has not been released. More information on this soon.

And last but not least, a cooperative project between DrDnar and KermMartian began by trying over clocking the TI-83+/84+ graphing calculators. They were able to get some impressive speeds out of an 83+SE (up to 22Mhz and it was stable!). Sadly, efforts at this time have proven the 84+CSE, which was the target calculator to upgrade in speed, to be stuck at the 15Mhz cap. For the time being.
Great article, tifreak8x! I'd say this is pretty much everything that has happened so far with the calculator, at least in terms of completed, released programs and hacks. Let's hope that the momentum continues, and we have many more programs and games to report about soon. Also, I certainly would call TIFC "small" considering the effort that you have put into it and the number of improvements it brings over the previous version.
Heh, thanks Kerm. Smile I just figured I'd take a jab at myself, since my abilities to get some projects done has been lacking. <.< Gotta get to work on them, and get them done. Just need more hours..
Good recap. I hope to see more programs to come. I know on my part I've got to polish Snake a bit more, and I've been working on Lights Out. tifreak: Are you still working on Connect Four? Other people have the calcs, what else is everyone doing?
I do indeed plan on working on Connect 4. I've been cobbling code together in my head this morning; I think sometime today I'm going to try to make the board. Not sure a pic var is the way to go on that, though it would make it the nicest. I could simply do a bunch of squares with line commands, but it wouldn't be that pretty. Dunno on that yet.

And agreed! Who else is working on something? Someone else going to add an educational program of some sort to their list of released programs? Smile
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