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Out of curiosity, trace or original? The feet are impressively well rendered.
It's a trace, there's no way I could have drawn that myself.
souvik1997 wrote:
It's a trace, there's no way I could have drawn that myself.

You seem to have become quite skilled at vectoring and the techniques/precision it requires for cleanliness, perhaps start applying that differently by starting with simple original vectors (doesn't have to be anime you have been doing per se, maybe something simpler like cartoon animals or common household objects?) I've found that practicing drawing skills on pencil+paper goes a long way, no matter what the final medium for your artwork will be. Heck, I always do multiple concept sketches for all of my pixel art, and the pencil sketches are only okayish-quality; once I have a good idea of what I'm making, it translates really quickly to pixels. I'm sure it's the same with vectors Smile
Here's an update:
Kerm's enabled SVG in [img] tags. Thought this thread would appreciate it more than most, so I'm posting here to let you guys know Smile

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