I uploaded NoteView <being the only program I could find that could read .txt files on the prizm. The only problem I'm really having with it, is that it says "long names are not supported yet!" I've shortened the title of the document to 1 letter and still the same. There are no special characters in it. Does anyone know what would fix this, or are there anyother programs or ways to upload and read documents, .txt or any other file?

"still the same". The same what? What's your problem with that file exactly?

Also, I think when it says "long names not supported", it means it will display them like the OS does, shortened to 8 chars. But opening them will still be fine I think.
NoteView does not support long file names. All I do is chane it to something like GE.txt or BoM.txt. I don't think there are other programs like it. When you say "1 letter," do you mean with or without the ".txt"?
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