I have a DS lite and it has been bricked for a year now. It was bricked when i was trying to flash its rom with a custom flashme rom when the power went out. Is it possible to fix it? Right now when I slide the power switch the green led turns on but nothing happens on the screen.
I'm not experienced in these matters, but a quick Googling reveals that there are a few options:
- If you were using FlashMe, which you were, it writes an "emergency failsafe" sort of code fragment to the beginning of the ROM, and there's a failsafe combination that you can use to get it to listen for a ROM. You can use that to try to load the ROM again.
- In any case, you can hot-swap BIOSes between two DS Lites, though there is a danger of damaging both if you don't know what you're doing.

Disclaimers: I am mostly basing my answers on this thread, and I don't know what the legality of flashing DS Lites is.
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