Kerm, can I take a look at the part of the DCS7 source code where you render the list of programs on the calculator, with the arrows to scroll through pages. I want to something similar, but not exactly the same, in one of my programs, and I'm curious to see how it is achieved.
The ION or similar small shell would most likely be better options for figuring out how the code works due the UI being much simpler and thus simpler code wise. In fact I'm pretty sure the VAT BCALLs on wikiti also have some decent example code as well.
The Doors CS code path for the VATFind routine is hugely complex, due to the many attributes and cases it must track. You should just learn to do the most basic of VAT walks instead.
I know how to work with the VAT. I just wanted to use the DCS_GUI. Lol

Ps: happy holidays, guys.

Edit: I am writing my own routines for getting vat entries. I'm mainly curious how you send their output out the DCS GUI
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