It's going to be one of those days, I know it.
I have set out to install Doors CS in my TI-84+.
Everything goes according to plan until the transfer starts.
Then up comes the following message - 'USB communication error: insufficient memory (8C08000C)'.
It is doing this both with CS6 and also CS7.
I have unplugged and replugged the calculator into my PC to no avail.
H-E-L-P !!!
This simply means that you don't have 49152 bytes of free memory in archive in which to put the app. Thus, the calculator can't put the app anywhere, and it complains about insufficient memory. Check your Memory Management menu (press 2nd, then + to get to "MEMORY", then press "2" to access "Mem Mgmt/Del...") and see if there's at least 49152 bytes in ARC FREE.

If there is, then that memory is free, but not all in one contiguous block. So, simply delete a useless app from your calculator that's 49152 bytes or larger (ALGBPRT1 and EasyData are probably your best candidates for this). The entire space that it occupied will then be free, giving room for Doors CS.
Excellent solution. I have deleted most of APPS and Doors CS has installed perfectly.
I have only had the TI-84+ since last Saturday so I have a lot to learn, but fancy sending me a new calculator with nearly all the Arc memory used up with useless (to me) Apps. Rolling Eyes Laughing Anyway, thanks a ton.
Glad that you guys worked this out. I can't say I'm a big fan of that either, but I guess TI figures they might as well fill all that Archive they're giving you with stuff rather than leave it empty. I hope you installed Doors CS 7 rather than Doors CS 6!
Yes Kerm I did in fact install Doors CS 7. I have not yet had time to explore it thoroughly but I'm sure it will be good. All joking aside, the inclusion of all those APPS is, I think, a good idea since they will be easier and quicker to uninstall than to find and install, and many users will find one or more of them to be useful.
Hello Alanclem,
Nice to see a member not too far from my shores. If you want to get into programming I can highly recommend Kerm's excellent book. He's holding it in his avatar. Check it out.

Welcome to Cemetech !
Isle of Man - my mum and dad went on honeymoon there back in about 1920, but I don't suppose you would be around then. Just Joking.
My first action was to get Kerm's book. I did a search on Amazon for 'Programmimg calculators' Thanks for the welcome.
No - but it hasn't changed much - still wet and windy !

Tari: deleted the double-post here.
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