A few weeks ago, while working on my Polynomial Math Program, I came up with the idea of making a hook-based symbol interpretation program for the TI-83+ and compatible. Something similar to the application "Symbolic", but with some more capabilities. Yet I realized, sadly, that I lack the time to undertake a project of this magnitude. So, I came up with a different idea. Why not make it a community project? Where every willing developer with time to do so can contribute as much or as little as they like and the final project is authored by the community as a whole. The benefits of this is that it allows us get more done in a period of time than any one developer could in that same time. As a result, we can either increase its feature set, or just get it done faster.

my initial feature set was this:
- hook activated!
- It will support polynomial addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as integrals and derivates. It will also support solving equations with multiple variables in terms of any one variable. It will also support solving systems of equations for all variables, and solving equations with a single variable for that variable.

If you want to contribute, simply hop on over to this link:

That is a Google Doc. It contains the current source code of the program. I have already started a bit on input parsing. Peruse the list of routines or add one that you think has been left out and will be needed. Write the routine and post it onto the page. Then, go to the very bottom of the page, and add your name (or username) and what routines you did. That's it!

I am not sure if Cemetech has ever done a community project, but figured that if it works, I thought it would be an interesting undertaking. I don't know how members or admins feel about it, but I guess I'll find out.

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However, is the use of this program for the TI-OS? Is it going to be like a CAS? or something different?
The intent was to have it run off a home screen hook. So basically, where you normally type in math on the screen, press Enter and get an answer, you can use some preceding denotation to tell the hook that this program should be executed using the routines in this ^^ application, rather than using the normal TI-OS expression evaluator.

I was thinking something like ::RM:n:[expression], where n is the number of the function to call, like add polynomial, perform integral, solve for variable and so on.

Also, this program is gonna b an app, unless developers are against it.
symbolic integration

Not a chance of it being implemented in a useful manner on a z80. Any integral that's difficult enough to be impractical to integrate symbolically by hand will almost certainly also stall out Maple or Mathematica for 30+ seconds on my 2.5GHz machine and cause Wolfram Alpha to ask me for a premium membership.

On the other hand, automatic symbolic differentiation is easy, but Symbolic does it already.
The foundations for integration was put into gCAS2. I will work on it when I get time, after this contest which is nearing very quickly.

Of course certain integrals are going to stall out programs.

ACag: How did you plan to code the symbolic part of the program?
Still working on it. First look for non-numeric characters, and write the equation as it is parsed into a series of sequential buffers, starting at saferam1, and each buffer growing dynamically as more data is parsed. Then, an operand is assigned to each buffer after the first. So, let's say we have 4 buffers, with operands *, +, +. Then, when it is done, buffer 1 * buffer 2, then result + buffer 3, then result + buffer 4.
Diggery: Please don't spam advertisements for your own projects in unrelated threads.
ACagliano: I think that you may be lacking both time and experience for this sort of project, to be honest. Sadly, most of the people who have done enough z80 and TI-OS work to be experienced with this sort of problem are also too busy with real-life stuff or their own projects, I fear. Nevertheless, good luck with this, and I hope it turns into a finished project.
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