I am sure this might have been asked before now but, here goes...

On Texas Instruments' own website there is a link to a SDK and resources.

Has anyone used this and if not, why not ?

There is also a fair bit of documantation for ASM programmers.....
The SDK has some good material, particularly the TI-83 Plus SDK PDF and the TI-83 Plus System Routines Documentation PDF. I am not a fan of the TI-83 Plus Flash Debugger emulator software. I used to use their Wappsign application, but I now use the open-source Wabbitsign. And of course I use the Doors CS SDK to compile my ASM programs.
While the documentation is good, the emulator is simply horrible - for one, it does not allow repeated keypresses, making DoorsCS impossible to use and most games unplayable. From what I can see, the TI community used this as a base to create their much better tools.
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