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It would be a cool project, if one were to make an asm program that displayed all the available characters that would work within a string the the +'s would accept. To access the program for easy use, it would need a key hook, like pressing Y=, since most people wouldn't really need to access that from within the editor...

Then when in the program, just select the character, and paste to where it is supposed to go...
This may be an idea for another Omnicalc or Symbolic feature.
I am not big on apps, it seems everytime I have apps on my calcs, they do random RAM clears for no reason, most of the time just turning them on... Sad I have lost lots of progress on my games that way, so I keep them off my calcs...
Jon Pezzino: http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/378/37890.html
Ok, thanks. Smile
I'm humbled, Kerm. Very Happy
Jonathan_Pezzino wrote:
I'm humbled, Kerm. Very Happy

Well, I remembered you mentioning that in connection with one of the n00bs, and it seemed to fit what Dan was asking for, so I mentioned it. Smile
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