I know we're almost all very excited about the prospect of the new color-screen TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition graphing calculator from Texas Instruments, as we first broke a few days ago and which multiple news outlets have picked up since. Since we only really know about the screen so far, not the specifications or what we will be able to access, at this point the most we can do towards designing software for the device is to imagine what (in a perfect world) our programs and games will look like. Assume that we can write ASM programs that can set each of the 320x240 pixels to any color: what programs and games would you want modified first? Here are some very very rough scratch screenshots of what Doors CS 7/8 might look on the device.

Castlevania: Prelude to Chaos, hands down.
I wonder what Laser Mayhem might look like.

Kerm, didn't you have a colorized rendition of an old DCS GUI somewhere years ago? I thought it looked kinda cool.

EDIT Also I wonder how much space that would take on a TI-84+ C SE? Shock

(That's from Zelda DLQ btw)

EDIT: What DCS in color could look like (although pixelated)

Picture taken from http://www.cemetech.net/news.php?year=2004&month=4&id=38

And ROL3, remade with sprites from the ROL0 remake and a rushed Lekens sprite:

Color tetris! Because it's more fun in color.
Tari wrote:
Color tetris! Because it's more fun in color.
That's a great idea! I hope we can get some technical details ahead of time so we can start coding these up.

DJ_O: Oh yes, I forgot about that!
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