Hello Smile

Could you please help me with connecting an arduino to a TI-84+ calc?
I saw some YouTube video's and I tried to read the TI Link Protocol but I find it way to difficult.

So what I'm asking,
Could anyone tell me which pins are going to the 2.5mm jack? And how to send and retreive data to and from my TI?

I thank you already Smile

(Sorry for my bad English)

Kind regards,
Lars Jansen
The Netherlands
Welcome to Cemetech, Larssie111! I recommend that you Introduce Yourself when you get a chance, and don't worry, your English is excellent. Luckily, I already wrote and published routines to connect an Arduino and a TI calculator. You can find them in this thread: Arduino to TI Calculator Linking Routines. The thread there defines two pins, TIwhite (TIring)
and TIred (TItip), which you can set to any digital pin number.
Thanks Kerm!
How does your code know which pins are connected? And how do I call the functions?

Thanks in advance
Tweak the definitions of TItip and TIring to be the pins you need. From there, call resetLines during your initialization.
To send data, pass a buffer to par_put. Receiving works the same way, except it writes to the provided buffer (a total of len bytes).

I got that just from examining the code..
Exactly what Tari said. Add a #define for TIring and TItip at the beginning of your program, call resetLines, and then use par_put and par_get. Check out the code in the first link here with the correction in the second link for a sample use case:
Thank you so much Very Happy I can have internet on my TI now (A)
Larssie111 wrote:
Thank you so much Very Happy I can have internet on my TI now (A)
You already can, thanks to my Gossamer browser and globalCALCnet. Smile Let us know if you need help setting it up.
Also without USB Cable? Smile
Larssie111 wrote:
Also without USB Cable? Smile
Yes, that's what the Arduino gCnBridge is for. I actually made that long before Doors CS had DirectUSB gCn support. Smile

I want to control my Arduino via UART to my TI-84+. I have it with plain Arduino code but it's sometimes not in sync. So how do I have to connect my TI via UART to my Arduino? And how do I send something to, and receive something from my TI?

Thanks already,
The TI link port is not a UART, so you've got a fundamental misunderstanding there. The link port is an open-collector bus (similar to the hardware layer of I2C). The library discussed above does everything required for transmitting individual bytes to and from the calculator.

For communicating with the device at a more user-accessible level, there's no way around implementing the application protocol used by TI-OS (as documented in the link guide, which I believe you've already looked at).
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