well i went to download the OS and idk why it didnt work. idk if my batteries were dying, but i just put new ones in and it still wont even get to 1%.. its making me mad, i got a final coming up soon and i cant even get my calculator to work now... idk what to do and ive tried a lot lot lot of stuff but still nothing. I have windows XP so it makes the requirements...

Ive tried:
uninstalling- reinstalling the program
chaning batteries
taking out the usb and turning off calc then turning on and plugging back in
hmm.. i even called TI and the guy didnt have any idea what to do and said it must be a program thing and to go to there website... i did and when i downloaded OS update it would save to my comp because it didnt have an association with the control panel applications and to make one from tools>file options

if you could please help me a sap i would be extremely happy!!
i just hit "Update" in TI-Connect Confused
when i did the download from the TI website, it said

"This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the folder options control panel."
OK, let me get a few things straight.
1. You have the Ti-Connect software installed on your computer?
2. When you turn on the calculator, what do you see on the screen? Does it say "waiting for OS"? If not, what does it say?
yea it says "waiting... Please install operating system now."
yea it says "waiting... Please install operating system now."
OK, the reason is that TI-Connect does not have silent linking available when no OS is installed. This can luckily be resolved VERY easily.

1. Make SURE you haev moderately charged batteries. This is important.
2. Using the unit-to-unit cable, connect your calculator to another TI-84+SE, hopefully from a friend
3. Turn both calcs on.
4. ON your friend's calc, go to [2nd][XTthetaN] and choose SendOS. It will take a while, perhaps up to 30 minutes. Then you should be set. TI-Connect will recgonize it, and the OS will have been installed.
Is there a way to do this without someone elses calculator?
Unfortunately no, unless you can find an old BlackLink around somewhere.
like a black usb link because thats what i have right now that came with my calc.?
No, there's a Black Link serial cable, the one you have is known as the Direct USB cable. Oh, and welcome to Cemetech. Smile

ohh okay i might have something lying around like that.. and thanks lol you guy helped a lot!!
if i have that cable, what would i do then?
ok, first I would edit your posts for something new, avoid doubles, just a heads up.

1: install TI-Connect
2: Turn off computer and add the blacklink
3: start computer
4: install the drivers (they may be provided automatically
5: plug in calc and do update

I think this is right, never used a black or a grey link

Also, if you could find just a regular 84+, you could get the OS from there (84+ or 84+SE will send the os to your calc)
alright awesoem thank you! ill try that right now
Nope, incorrect. You need TI-GraphLink software, something COMPLETELY different.
I can't seem to find a d/l link, but I'll keep looking.

I thought connect still did the black and greyl links>
Ah, good call on the dl link.
It DOES, but the difference is the way the connect works. You need something that is not silent linking.
I was searching thinking they got rid of it...If you don't feel like making an account on TI (if you don't have one, I can upload it to my site and PM you a link).
Erm, I'm not sure about the legality issues there...
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