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It is in survival mode. The only time I play creative is when I want to see if a building can be made.

A solid TNT sphere with an 80 block radius. I came back five hours later and it still wasn't done exploding. Luckily it was on one of my creative multiwords so I just deleted the world and made a new world.
I'm surprised that it handled it properly without running out of RAM. Thanks for sharing that, comicIDIOT.
I was bored earlier, so I did some building in a SSP world, testing with spheres/domes:

Beautiful, Turiq; thanks for sharing that. Did you do this in vanilla Creative, or did you use WorldEdit to help?
Entirely vanilla Creative; I did use a circle guide for the dome shape, though.

My friend and I are having fun on a freshly installed Tekkit server. In the top we are transmuting objects of matter into diamonds (as marked by the slot next to the green bar; You need a diamond in order to transmute matter into diamond. Pretty fun.

It's a bit of cheat from the traditional server but we haven't even scratched the surface with all the mechanics we can do. Building computers and automated mining machines. Building oil refineries and the pipes and tanks to store it for the generator to power our anti-matter relay which gives us the ability to build stuff; again in order to build it you must either have it or have already taught the matter to a transmuter tablet.

Pretty awesome.
Equivalent exchange, is it?

The best exploit for EE/RP2 I've seen yet is combining deployers, condensers, bowls, and mooshrooms, maybe give that a try?(Of course, you can transmute animals with your philosopher's stone...)
IIRC, with 4-5 mooshrooms, you can gain tons of EMC
Yes, this is a doublepost, but I have a new build to show off!
I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves this time...
First, the entire structure from 2 different viewpoints

Next, the control room(the door is piston-operated Wink)

Finally, the inside of the beast...

It's not a double post, it's 24 hours apart. Smile

What is it suppose to be exactly?
It's eventually going to be joined by some others, but it's supposed to be some sort of propeller engine. My current build is shaping up as a floating city(I found a world gen mod that included skylands, so I had to test Wink)

EDIT: I'm now fooling around with making stuff look more 'natural', so I built a huge tree as practice. I'm still trying to get the hang of sideways logs, though:

Very nice, Turiq. Looks quite realistic. Also, thanks to Pizzaboy for rendering this great view of the Cemetech Towers in Arcadia (click):

Cemetech Towers in Arcadia
Seven nukes on my Tekkit server resulted in this. And the user has 8 more. Oh boy.

A checked the console while at work this morning and what I saw is below. I just now had a chance to check it out.

One of my friends on the Cemetech Server has placed 6926 Wood Plank blocks, at the time of this post, to create a ship. This is the current progress.

The view of the new Arcadia is very foggy from the site of the Borg Cube.
Which world are you building in? Shock Do you have magical admin powers that I didn't know about? Very Happy
Smiling Cat Only the kitty knows how I got it

... or you could just log into the server (mc.cemetech.net) and look up.
Playing with the latest snapshot of MC, I made this nice device:
<broken removedfromgame image>

This uses the new hoppers to send in smeltables to a furnace as well as keep it fueled. Basically, this will transport items from a furnace in bulk to a chest somewhere else. A comparator is used to call a minecart chest to the furnace if the hopper (below chest) gets a bit over 20 items inside and fills it. Once the hopper is empty, another comparator detects the empty hopper and sends the cart back. Once the cart returns to the chest, a hopper under the tracks dumps the items into the chest.

Yes, this is vanilla :3 This can be expanded so that the chest will collect items from a series of furnaces. I do think that the hoppers are overpriced as they don't transport up and they don't sort (5 iron + 1 chest makes 1 hopper).
Comparator?! This is amazing! I totally need these new redstone features ASAP.
CANT wait to get Minecraft for Xbox 360 to build with you guys, and of course Iíll need some worldediting tools. Iím new, so introduce me to MC the way Cemetech did to Ti calcs Smile I played minetest a little bit, the C clone, but meh...
This looks like so much fun Smile
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