Well, I know you guys know about this post: Can't edit progams.
I figured out that neither Omnicalc nor Axe are at fault for the problem. Rather the issue lies with zStart Surprised. as you know from the previous topic, I can't edit my programs. I managed to link this with zStart being installed, which I find really weird. When zStart is installed, I can't edit any programs, and my calc shows garbage, followed by a RAM clear, without zStart, it's fine.

How do I fix this? I really need zStart.
It's a known bug. I don't know if it's been fixed or not, but are you using the most recent version (updated yesterday)?

The one on ticalc is from January, and the editor bug was reported only in May as far as I can see.
I was using the ticalc one :p I'll try this one out

Update, hmm, that didn't do anything to solve the problem.
Have you tried disabling MathPrint? (Press MODE and scroll down, then select CLASSIC.)
thepenguin77 wrote:
I use 2.53. The program editor crash is probably caused by mathprint.
Yay, it worked! thanks mate, mathprint is okay, i can live without it.
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