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helder7 wrote:

The agreement with matt is:

I can open another forum/site, with another name/domain, with posts of 2012 only and files uploaded by members (and delete all content from ck). I think it's a good agreement. And without further legal wars or something.

I was and am still thinking about it better, still have not taken any final decision. I'm torn between opening or not opening a new site, continue or not continue with casio calculators. It is not an easy subject, and I will have to think better, without pressure.

Im also working in other projects, and my time is not enough for everything. I confess I'm a bit lost my motivation after all this, after I have been humbled with badges with text "Helder santos Sucks" (I asked to be removed and not yet), and other situations.

Maybe change platform is a good idea. I learned a lot about calculators in last months, at first I did not know anything about C# language, and now I have the basic knowledge. Calculators with monochrome screen, are losing popularity...

Who wants to criticize me, can do it. I do not censure anyone. I will understand them as critical not only against me but also against the hard work of all former CS members.

I miss the glory days of CS, possibly not return in the future. In 3 months only a new and dedicated community developed about 30 add-ins (vs 2/3 made in the last 3 years). Now some of these programmers ceased activity with the end of site.

I appreciate all the support I have received especially from planet-casio and omnimaga, exceeded much my expectations! I want to thank once again to all who contributed to the old site, with time, programs,help to other members, and also to members who helped me make the idea of a universal wiki a reality!

I think the rumors and speculation about this matter should end, since it is solved.

I know more about this situation than that post reveals, and all is not as it seems. But thanks for cross-posting.
KermMartian wrote:
...all is not as it seems.


What do you mean? Would you elaborate or is it better that it remains unsaid?
flyingfisch wrote:
KermMartian wrote:
...all is not as it seems.


What do you mean? Would you elaborate or is it better that it remains unsaid?
Better that it remains unsaid. As far as public things go, though, I'm glad to have another public controversy/fight behind us.
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