So, I uncovered this game engine I was working on back in 2005, and decided to give it a quick update and see where I was with it. It was written back when xlib was still a program, and used Omnicalc's sprite routines as well as some other Asm programs. I took a little time and updated it to use the modern xLib, though because I don't fully understand how the ZDEL program is working, I'm still using it instead of the Celtic III libs that could provide the same thing? Anyway, here's a screen-shot:

I had doors, shooting, secret passages, switches, and a teleporter. Pretty neat, I think. If for whatever reason you want the files:
This is not what I would call quality code, though I have cleaned up some logic with the help of Weregoose. Anyway, just wanted to make a little post about it. Feel free to show me some old things you have lying around, if you'd like! I'd love to see what other people were working on 7 years ago Smile
Woo, this is great; I'm very excited to see what you were working on so long ago. For the time, this would probably have been ground-breaking, so it's a shame that you didn't get to release it back then. Would you be interested in someone trying to clean it up to work with the modern Celtic libraries and perhaps make a few levels and a few more features? Or isn't that really what you have in mind?
I would be flattered if someone wanted to do that. It's not really got a lot to it right now, so it would probably be better to just rewrite it, but if someone wanted to take what existed and did some more with it, that would be great! The code's in the zip (obviously), so it's a free-for-all.
Wow I remember this from the MaxCoderz or Epic Programming Studio forums. This brings back some old memories... Shock
Do you also remember my Zelda-style level scrolling demo? I found that as well. If I recall, I was the first person to make scrolling like that in xLib, so that made me quite happy Smile. It was for someone's Zelda game which was looking great, but unfortunately he stopped working on it.
I think most of my pure-BASIC game engine demos are posted on and Cemetech. Sadly the techniques I was using never really caught on in the post-xlib era.

You can find a single page with lots of downloads for the graphics stuff I was doing here:
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