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Don't you agree that there needs to be a more standard organization and format? Like commands are /wiki/Cmd:If instead of just /wiki/If.
Meh...maybe. Neutral
Or we could just go with apathetic disinterest instead. Very Happy Wink
Usually A:B is used for special/meta in wikis.
Ah, ok, is there another, better way to do the kind of thing I'm saying then? Confused
Categories. Very Happy
K, then that should be done. Has it yet?
I don't know...all you do is add this at the bottom of the page:

[[Category:BASIC Commands]]
Dealio. I shall try to get a chance to do that.
you guys do know that WikiTI is now allowing articles on TI-BASIC? i've already contributed a couple myself Smile
Oh really?
<sarcasm> no, i just lie to you for fun </sarcasm>
ORLY? Smile
I shall have to head over there...
alex10819 wrote:
<sarcasm> no, I just lie to you for fun </sarcasm>

Sad I knew it.
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