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Sweet, are we starting over, with vol1 issue 1, or will this be issue 3??
Vol 1 Issue 3 since it's still 2005.
Ok, just curious. Smile

Hopefully this takes back off again...
Yeah, me too. I have a CS102 program due at 6pm EST, then I'll have a bit of free time. Smile
Well, good luck on it. Smile

It would be nice to see an issue make it out ontime for once... I mean, heck, this one is how long overdue...? Laughing
*calculates* slightly less than 5.32 months. Very Happy
Do you want me to do something on pure-Basic graphics/sprites/maps?
Yeah, definitely!!
Cool, when do you want me to have it done by? I could do a mini series?
Oh yeah, I still need to get that added to me site, don't I? oops...
Or you could just put in my whole tutorial.....I dont know if you want an entirely new article
Break it up into several pieces, maybe 300-500 or so words each.
cool....will do that when I get home, have to go to History class right now. Sad
OK, sounds good. I'll have my stuff up too, once I get my program done
[deep voiced announcer]Yes, the fate of the BE Newletter rests in your hands...[/deep voiced announcer] Laughing
RRRriiiiiiiiiiggghttt... Very Happy Just Joking
I sent you my may have to edit it a little bit, since GMail wasnt letting me send all the sample progs along with it (you could just get them from UTI or though)
The no-Lib guide to Basic Sprites and Maps

*Note the examples in this guide are written in TI-Basic for the 83+ series, however the concepts may be applied with a little bit of work to other calculators. Also the example code will appear better in TI-GraphLink or TI-Connect Mac. You can also install the two font files included in the zip file. Finally I don't recommend this tutorial unless you are already familiar with using TI-Basic and the menu's and your calculator.

I'm sure that most of you BASIC programmers out there have wondered why BASIC games almost never have good graphics? Why do ASMer's get to make all the cool programs? And I am sure that most of you have arrived at the conclusion that it is because ASM is a more powerful language, and that to make BASIC games with good graphics you need to use an ASM library such as xLib, Omnicalc, or CODEX. While the first part of this is true, the second most definitely is not. Programming good graphics in BASIC without ASM libs is slower than pure ASM, but with good coding habits, it can be as fast as BASIC programs with ASM libs. Take for instance Kevin Oullette's great series of RPG's written in BASIC. Sure the have great graphics, and are incredible for being written in BASIC, but they are not particularly fast. However QuestGRPG (by me) is as far as I know, the first BASIC game of its kind. It is fully graphical, it uses no ASM libs, it has a scrollable map, and animated sequences. It is not complete, and probably won't be for a while, since I am no competing in the UTI Basic Contest, however I will be using the demo version as an example along with several other programs by other people, and here is the source for the three most important files:

[I won't post these to save massive scrolling]

I also have parts 1-3, which will be in three successive newsletter, with the intro in this one.
looks cool, do you have that stuff ready yet? Smile
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