Ah yes, he was working on that on #ti last night. Must remember to poke him on IRC to cross-post it. Smile
shmibs wrote:
foreboding is almost never used as an adjective, but it can be. when used as such, it is a description of something that forebodes, or indicates that problems are to be had in the future. since that does not seem readily apparent from the situation, it would mean that joeyoung knows something that the rest of us do not.

also, it is implicit in, or implicated/implied by Razz
Parser Padawan wrote:
TI-Freakware? :p

there's always maxcoderz. tr1p1ea just posted a very nice mode7 engine =)

For a grammar Nazi, you sure do fail at writing.
KermMartian wrote:
JoeYoung wrote:
shmibs wrote:
that is not how foreboding is used in english, unless you are hinting at foreknowledge of future problems.

and yes, omni was, and is again now, being made the subject of a DDoS attack.

Synonyms. Adjective. Ominous. Foreknowledge is not implicit of this word. Grammar Nazi fail.
Except that Foreboding is a noun, not an adjective. Pedantic Troll fail.

Elfprince: So they turn IIS into wannabe Linux? Smile

Foreboding IS an adjective as well as a noun.
JoeYoung wrote:
Foreboding IS an adjective as well as a noun.


    foreboding |fôrˈbōdiNG| noun
    fearful apprehension; a feeling that something bad will happen:

    implying or seeming to imply that something bad is going to happen:

    forebodingly adverb
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