My problem is with the following diagram for the IC Timer.

The triangles.... I am new to this subject but can I assume the two on the left are AND gates and the one on the right is an AMPLIFIER?

I'm pretty convinced that all of the small white circles are NOT gates.

I'm dabbling in the field and having a lot of fun with it... I wanted to test my understanding and see if I can build the same circuit with and without IC 555... even though it's going to be a pretty ridiculous setup Very Happy[/img]
Those triangles are something called an operational amplifier or an op-amp, Their output depend on the relative voltages at their two inputs. These op-amps are most likely being used in saturation mode, which means if the difference between the two inputs is even a little bit, the output jumps straight to the +V or -V (or GND) rail voltage. This op-amp mode prompts a nickname of "comparator" for the component, since it compares the relative voltages at its inputs. The R1/R/S component appears to be an RS flip-flop with two reset inputs. That is indeed an inverter on the end, and the circle generally do indicate a NOT operation. Which is weird, since op-amps are technically analog components, but ah well.
Op-amps and comparators are similar, but comparators are designed for binary (all on or all off) output, whereas op-amps are designed more for linear or analog output.

Since the trigger and threshold voltages are converted to on or off for the RS flip-flop, I'd say those are comparators inside the 555.
Thnx much guys, I was able to reproduce the chip's internals as it's own circuit and I'm getting how it works now. this is a lot of fun Smile
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