This makes me laugh every time:

Spenceboy98 wrote:
This makes me laugh every time:

Those don't usually amuse me, but I did enjoy this yelled version of this song:

EDIT: as for how I became a brony, I watched SHED.MOV, APPLE.MOV, and DRESS.MOV, and those are probably the best parodies I've seen of MLP (it's like taking MLP and mixing it with Happy Tree Friends). I'll just drop the link because it's somewhat NSFW, language wise.
That was........disturbing.... Shock(the

The other one was funny.

I guess this has to be shared, though I would suspect most of you bronies have seen it, since I have and I'm not one.

I don't care if you hate bronies with a bitter passion that burns like a thousand white-hot suns, this is f--king win.
I found this one ponyfied version of "epic meal time" rather delightful. I'll throw a link due to minimal NSFW language: (Pinkie pie cussing and making sexual innuendos is hilarious, "Applejack is beating those eggs like she beats Applebloom")

Still hoping for a Regular Ordinary Swedish Mealtime one, though.
This is kinda NSFW in some parts but it's really funny:
What the fandom did for me
I've been a brony since Q4 2011, and it legitimately changed my life. The other bronies might think of it as (referencing S2E19) me realizing I became a monstrosity trying to assert myself and get what I wanted. That's something that surprisingly few people know about me: I was kind of a pain-in-the-flank and easily irritated. Now, I make sure to be gentle while still being assertive, and should I be drawn into an argument, I ensure that I give my arguments while remaining calm. Seeing the split over the Derpy issue actually made me a bit sad, because it was the unity and understanding present in the vast majority of the community that held me to it. Since I admitted to enjoying the show, people have ignored communications with me, but I feel that it shows their inability to tolerate a simple pleasure of mine.

Why I watched the show
The reason I began to watch the show was simply curiosity. I browse the internet quite frequently, and the fans were abundant. I was, despite my methods of handling conflict, quite an open-minded individual, and located an episode on YouTube. I watched it, and found myself watching the entirety of the show to that point. Needless to say, I found the show highly enjoyable.

[Adorable Fluttershy break! D'awwwwwww]


  • Music - I'd say that my favorite brony musician is Aviators. His music is exciting and upbeat (I don't like slower songs much), and he creates songs quite frequently. Aviators's YouTube channel
  • Fanfics - Shipping and Handling by PegasusRescueBrigade on DA, Allegrezza by CoffeeGrunt on DA, and, believe it or not, Cupcakes by Sergeant Sprinkles, as well as Rainbow Factory by Aurora Dawn. I enjoy the last two because, although grimdark, they are well-written and can be believed to an extent.
  • Animations - MrPoniator's animations and the Thinking with Portals series by Yudhaikeledai on DeviantArt
  • Podcast - The Pony Pokey Podcast (on PonyPokey's YouTube channel)
  • Website - Equestria Daily, of course!
  • Games - I patiently await Fighting is Magic and Pony Kart.
  • Best Pony - The Mane 6 are all about equal for me, and I'd say Derpy Hooves is best pony, but that's mostly "fanon," and it can't really be said in the same way as a Mane 6 character.

By the way, I love those last two videos linked to. I've seen them already, but they're great.

To the anti-bronies all over the internet
We are similar to a "cancer of the internet," but we're good and not malignant. We spread quickly, and may be abnormalities in society, but we spread because ponies are 20% cooler than trolling.
HOLY... you must like ponies.
Yeah... I'm nowhere near that into it. I watch ponies like I watch porn: alone in a dark secluded corner of the house where noone can see or hear what I'm doing, usually long after everyone has gone to sleep.
DShiznit wrote:
This is kinda NSFW in some parts but it's really funny:

You may have noticed that I already posted this Wink

Techno, fair deal, and a nice choice of pony stuff to like. As for fanfics, I really don't like the idea of them, since they usually turn out... NSFW.

As for more pony fun, I'm thinking of planning and starting a Roleplay game in the Roleplay World on mlpforums. I have yet to make myself a character, but I'm thinking of making an Earth Pony with balanced attributes. Any ideas for what the Roleplay should be about? I've always wanted to participate in/conduct one, but since they can be complex and time consuming for planning and writing responses I haven't ever done it.
Ashbad wrote:
DShiznit wrote:
This is kinda NSFW in some parts but it's really funny:

You may have noticed that I already posted this Wink

I hadn't noticed, my bad.

Ashbad wrote:
As for more pony fun, I'm thinking of planning and starting a Roleplay game in the Roleplay World on mlpforums. I have yet to make myself a character, but I'm thinking of making an Earth Pony with balanced attributes. Any ideas for what the Roleplay should be about? I've always wanted to participate in/conduct one, but since they can be complex and time consuming for planning and writing responses I haven't ever done it.

Pony + Fallout

Haha, that might be a bit strong for a first roleplay for me. Perhaps something more like Discord rising up again?
While that was a massive post from me and I do spend a fairly large amount of time performing activities involving ponies, one thing I've still managed to do is keep the concept of ponies out of normal life, save for a few exceptions and discussion with groups of people made only of old friends turned bronies. I did initially struggle with that, though (as anybody who is a friend with me on Facebook may have noticed).

Speaking of Facebook, the primary reason pony posts are more frequent on my Facebook profile is that I don't often go onto Facebook. When I get a smartphone and don't require wi-fi and a laptop to go on Facebook, I'll likely be using it far more. For now, I don't often log in.

Ashbad: How a fan-fiction ends up depends on the fanfic itself. Many can end up being NSFW, but a lot are really well-written. My Little Dashie definitely conveyed to me the emotion of sadness meant to be present. I don't read them too often, but if one is well-known, I might try it. I've never actually RP'ed, but I understand that it can be a surprisingly complex process. Good luck with that endeavor.
Well, I have finally crafted and posted my character in their character database. Now I'm planning to craft an interesting roleplay that I would be the conducting leader in, but still one of the players. I'm still not hooked onto a good storyline yet, but I really want it to be team based, but with both teams working together. In theory, it would involve two groups of ponies on a quest to steal the treasures of a dragon in a land somewhere far away. Each team would be competing , but would have to help each other along the way to succeed. The rules will likely involve ponies being "knocked out" of the game, based on poor decisions, unfair gameplay, or being detrimental to their team. Other than that, the story will be drafted soon, but it obviously will form more once certain characters join in. I'll extend a hoof to everyone here to participate once I have a OOC planning thread up (an out-of-character thread to plan the teams, refine the rules and story, and speculate what the rulemaster may throw as obstacles in the roleplay).

As for my character:

Name: Ashjack

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Earth Pony

Appearance: A brown pony with longmane hair and a rugged tail, with a yellow and gray hair color. His skin color is brown, with a few spots of green. Has red eyes, and an slightly sturdy build. Often wears a hat to keep his hair in place during work and in the wind. Dresses rather casual.

Cutie Mark: A shamrock, for two reasons; he seems to have a great deal of luck in life, in essentially every aspect. He also enjoys nature around him, and loves nothing more than working in the fields at his farm. He obtained it when he came into posession of his farm, which happened out of sheer luck.

Backstory: Ashjack isn't quite sure of where he came from or who his parents were, and he honestly doesn't care to find out. The earliest back he can remember was when he was a young filly, and was living on his own in a small tree in a field nearby an apple farm, where he obtained food by stealing the farm's apples. He was caught eventually by the farmer, who drove him far away from his farm with a flaming rage. Ashjack wandered for many days looking for a place to survive, and found a small hut in the middle of a dark forest which he tried to live in. He soon discovered that it was inhabited by a large, elderly Alicorn, which found him hiding in his hut and decided to take him in as his guardian.

His Alicorn guardian soon discovered his high intelligence and potential, and brought him up, teaching him a variety of subjects in the arts, sciences, and magicks. He proved very successful with his endeavors, but at times grew very bored of his studies. He was able to control magical powers, albeit being only an Earth Pony. His magical abilities weren't very powerful in their raw state, but he was able to cultivate them and made much from what he barely had. He however grew weary of his studies, and decided to leave the Alicorn and move on. Regretting this along from his exodus journey, he doubled back to the hut, but the hut and the Alicorn has completely vanished. Where the hut had been, he found a note, saying, "Your potential is astounding, and may you one day do something great with your abilities." He then left, pondering what this final lesson could mean.

He journeyed on through the forest, until he came to a land splotched with farmland and open plains. Feeling at home, he explored on, until he came onto the outskirts of Ponyville. There, he found a job and a small hut on the outskirts, where he worked as a plowhorse on an apple farm. He ran into a great deal of luck on the job, where the fields he plowed and prepared seemed to yield great crops, when others would fail. he gained the respect for his luckiness with the managing farmer, and was able to score a better job, and a small sum of bonus money. He used his money at an auction for a small apple farm, which he won out of seemingly pure luck.

He now resides at his farm, pondering the meaning of what the Alicorn had said to him. He's unsure of what his potential is, and hasn't tried to find out, since he had stopped practicing his magical skills in order to seem like a regular Earth Pony. He has a decent sized group of friends, and is a good friend of Applejack, one of his neighbors. He isn't commonly seen with his friends however, as he is more often than not in the mood for mingling. Some of his pastimes include running and, surprisingly, working the fields. He is quite a fast runner, and a very efficient worker. He also secretly continues his studies solo from where his mentor left him off, at rare intervals.

Other: He has an unknown potential, so in roleplays he may at rare times learn a new magical spell, or aquire a new skill. He also has the element of luck on his side, so when he takes a great risk, he a greater chance than most other ponies to end up successful.

Current Roleplays:

Past Roleplays:
Why does your stallion have the facial structure of a mare? Does he have an extra chromosome or something?

Anyway, I found these videos funny:

DShiznit wrote:
Why does your stallion have the facial structure of a mare? Does he have an extra chromosome or something?

No, I just think that Stallion face structures are ugly on a design like his. Plus that way, he can be a pretty boy and get all the mares.
Well, I have the OOC planning thread up, you're all welcome to join.


Quest for the Dragon's Treasure Roleplay


Hello, everypony, I'm here today to show to you a quest at hand, in which 5 ponies and myself (I will be playing as DM and as a player), will risk everything we hold dear to partake in an adventure unparelleled. I introduce to you... the Quest for the Dragon's Treasure! 6 friends have heard stories of a treasure in a far away land, that is so magnificient that it cannot be described in words. They decide one day to set out and retrieve it for themselves and Ponyville, against the direct orders of Princess Celestia to not seek it out. They soon hear that this treasure is located in the land of darkness and evil outside of Equestria, inhabited by horrible creatures, dark beings, and above all a huge, fiercesome dragon that guards the treasure keep personally. The 6 will adventure throughout Equestria and the lands beyond, putting everything they hold dear at risk, being ambushed by baddies and chased down by Celestia's special forces team. The journey is perlious ahead of these 6 ponies, filled with danger, learning, and fun... the only question is, are you up to the challenge?

This roleplay is unlike others in that it has a midway and final set of goals, that being, 1. Survive, 2. Retrieve the treasure, 3. return to Ponyville with it and prosper. While I assure that these goals are very far ahead into the roleplay to complete, once they are fulfilled, the roleplay is considered "won", or "ended". As I noted above, I will be playing as both Dungeon Master and as a player, specifically my database character "Ashjack". I am going to make sure that being both roles in this game will not affect how well my character turns out through this, nor the type of obstacles to affect the team. I'll be doing all DM playing in BOLD, BLUE text, and playing as Ashjack in normal text, to avoid confusion. As I said above, there are 6 ponies total, but since I'm already signed up, I'm looking for 5 more. I'll make sure you qualify for this game by checking your character's database entry personally, but you can guess your eligibility pretty easily by looking at the drafted rules below [subject to change before roleplay actually begins]


- All characters must be of Unicorn, Pegasus, or Earth Pony species -- no Alicorns, unless I give an exception at request.
- No "Mary Sue" characters; only characters with virtues *and* vices and a rich, dimensional history and profile can participate.
- I'm not planning on allowing "Mane 6" characters to participate, but if you can make a good argument for it, I may allow one or two.
- Any breaking of obstacles without the action of the DM, or trolling the game, will lead to immediate ejection and replacement with another signup.
- No OOC discussion in the roleplay thread.
- Please make all posts at least 3 sentences long; longer would be preferred, but I would like detailed gameplay. Also, don't make more than 8 posts a day, to keep the game from going too fast.
- Have fun, of course.

Current Players:

Me and my friend like this song:

I've been having some interesting pony RPs recently, although I cannot discuss them here without violating cemetech's TOS. Razz
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