I'm still trying to figure out light emitters and UVW mapping.
w00t @ MCP!

Clickez moi
good job
Thanks, the only thing I'm still working on is making the engines actually glow.
That would be sweet
I actually have that working too, I'm just tweaking it.

Click to enlarge.
So much for me designing the aircraft...
Hehe...I FINISHED that dude, it's awesome. Glwoing engine exhaust, full emulation, laser-shooting wing cannons, etc. Smile
I haven't seen you in Blockland lately rivereye...
ok, I will be on in a second (latly I haven't been using my comp that support BL, or have it in WIN32)
Ohhh, ok. It was cool of you to show up. Smile
yeah. The Delta Wing rocks. Are you ever going to give out the trains in D-Wing for other people to use?
Yes. The DeltaWing and the TBMTank are gonna be in the next major DTB release; one or both of the trains will hopefully be in the main TBM.
cool. I love the D-Wing, so fun
Yeah, it seems to be a big hit.
you will have to let us know when they come out, being I don't check the site on a regualr basis
Cool. Sounds like DTB is dead, so it might be in regular TBM.
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