These ones?

(These, not these ones)
"One" is a valid pronoun (e.g. "The mean looking one" versus "The mean looking dog", when the context is already about dogs). Likewise, "ones" is grammatical, and carries a connotation of specificity. It literally means the plurality of each one. Similarly, you can have "the two of them", or a mass of things can come "in twos". The underlying numeric meaning in no way prevents these nouns from having both plural or singular forms!

Also, sometimes it is grammatical to include or exclude extra words (e.g. "I said you should" versus "I said that you should").
I accidentally really misread it, since in dutch "wat" actually is the translation of "what"
I will admit, I do use awful "internet grammar" in instant messaging contexts, but I don't let anything slip by in to more obviously asynchronous communication mechanisms, such as Facebook, message boards, E-Mail, as well as written assignments for school. That last mention may seem silly, but I've seen a frightening number of papers that were intended as final drafts riddled with awful "internet grammar." I've seen people use lowercase 'i' to refer to themselves in a document written with Word! You have to bend over backwards to achieve that!
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