DJ_O wrote:
Kerm might want to merge this with the other thread about this, but earlier Netham45 announced the site would be down for 15 minutes for a software upgrade. Now it says 45 minutes on Facebook, though. There is probably something that went wrong during the upgrade, according to his update. Nothing to the extent of Dimension TI/ in 2002.
Nothing went wrong. There was just an unexpected service pack update to do as well. ( I talked to netham about it ). I was the one who posted on FB/twitter/G+ btw not him :p
Nikky, sadly yes Razz. Well... Barrett is (unless OS choice is per VPS-basis and not server-wide?) EDIT Nevermind, VPS-basis, thanks Rcfreak0 for clarifying. I would have stuck with a Linux-based host if I was him, but I guess he made his choice. Most likely why there were so many errors on the site after the move, though. X.x
comicIDIOT wrote:
jhgenius wrote:
12 users and 71 guests. Is that more than normal?
I don't really know, I'm on Omnimaga most of the time.

It's relatively normal. We welcome your continued contributions and project updates if you don't mind keeping us in the loop.

I must point out that allynfolksjr is our resident troll. Take his posts/comments as you desire but learn to ignore them.
I agree with everything here. That's actually a bit quite for a weekday evening. I do understand Nikky's point that if the hosting supposedly costs $1000 a year or so (compared to my blissful $60+$10+20 = $90 for the two domains and hosting) that I would expect better reliability. I guess the fact that it's client-managed explains the issue.
Actually it's nowhere close to that anymore. It's around $37 a month, IIRC, for the VPS. (Although with job-finding issues, most of the money comes from the other staff, myself (and possibly TotKotM sales in the future) and some members). The AspirationHosting shared provider was dropped and everything (aside from a few features like the Omnimaga radio which runs from the constantly DDoS'ed Juju server) runs from Netham's VPS now.

The main issue is that this VPS runs on Microsoft stuff and when he updated now, he did not check carefully that it included a service pack update this time, so it took longer than expected. I guess it's good that he did not push the update for later, though. Granted, had he noticed the service pack update, he could have performed it at a less busy time, although maybe school schedule would have come in the way.

In the worst-case scenario, I have setup a temporary section on one of the recently-restored old Invisionfree boards (the one that doesn't have any registered account anymore), so if anything bad had to happen, he could forward the domain name there and I could re-open registrations for the time being. (kinda like you did during the Jatol incident, although the posts would remain accessible to public from the old board archive link on the real site)

EDIT: Well it seems back up now at least, although from the OmnomIRC logs (which are completely delinked from IRC atm), I don't know if this is official yet. Now for Juju's server...
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