What do you mean by "not work"? Does it not compile? Or doesn't it do what expected when running? I'm very bad at C coding, but I can't see any problem in your code, if that helps anything.
Currently, it allows exactly one keypress per piece before denying everything. I'm failing to find the flaw in my logic, though, which is why I was soliciting some fresh eyes to examine it. Smile I'm playing around with it now, though; this would be much faster if we had a better emulator. Sad
possible error:

you say
} else if (key == KEY_SHIFT) {

it should probably be

} else if (key == KEY_PRGM_SHIFT) {

Yes, I found and fixed that after I copied the code to the post; that was preventing it from compiling, but the behavior I described was after fixing that.

Edit: Looks like I managed to clean all that up. Now I'm looking at a segfault somewhere in the double-for-loop here. If I comment everything except the outer for loop and the DrawNumberCentered(), it still segfaults. Commenting out the outer for loop and the DNC() as well makes it stop segfaulting.


   unsigned char hstable[NMODES*(3+4)];
   if (0 <= (fh = Bfile_OpenFile_OS(HSFile,0x01))) {         //_OPENMODE_READ

   while(gameactive == 0) {
      for(int i=0; i<NMODES; i++) {
         for(int j=0; j<2; j++) {
            char* PlrInit = "XXA";
            PlrInit[2] = hstable[i*(3+4)+j];
         DrawNumberCentered(*((int*)(hstable+(i*(3+4)+3))), 190, 110+(14*i), 60);

Edit: I can't believe I forgot that dereferencing integers causes a segfault when they're not aligned (on 4-byte boundaries). Sad Fail on me, that cost me hours of debugging.
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