This project is a team effort that me and geekboy is planning, which is going to be a danmaku shooter somewhat similar to how Touhou Project 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View is played, with at least one or two game play mechanics found in Ikaruga. TH09:PoFV gameplay can be seen in this Youtube video (yes, the CPU is blatantly cheating in this video, but that's what you get when you play Extra mode).

Planned features:
* Two player, picked from a list of people on the calcnet (and possibly gCn) network
* Colored bullets (black and white) and a game mechanic similar to Ikaruga
* 4 level grayscale (a practical must for colored bullets)
* Different shot styles for gameplay variance
* Player versus CPU for those without a friend to play against
* A CPU that blatantly cheats

* A calculator capable of running at 15MHz (TI-83 Plus SE, TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus SE)
* DCS 7.1 or above (I think?)

Like CaDan, CaIka 9 will be released as a FlashAPP. DCS is still required to maintain some sort of compatibility with calcnet for this and any future updates to both calcnet and DoorsCS. While I'm at it, I might want to use other features that DoorsCS provides.

To be fair, Caika 9 won't (or rather, cannot for technical reasons) include too much code from CaDan, thus requiring new code similar to how a normal contest entry ought to be. The game play area will appear similar with its 64x64 pixel play area, but the plan is to center it similar to how other shooters present their playing field. Even though this is a two player game, the other player isn't shown directly. Instead, only the opposing player's stats is shown. This is to help improve performance.

At the moment, Caika 9 is still in its planning stages. The discussion (mostly in private between me and geekboy) revolves around whether or not we can actually pull off a game like this. We plan on getting this game playable on gCn, but there needs to be some method for dealing with lag. Ideas are flying around, one of which is using the delay between bombs and deaths to update each other's "opponent's instance."

Aside: If you want to play a danmaku, you can start with this free software called rRootage. Just set to Ika mode and get your game on.
This project sounds cool! But wasn't Cemetech Contest #8 a singles contest? Wink
Actually in the first post about the contest it says teams are allowed.
Kerm wrote:
Team entries are allowed, although we anticipate that most entries will be individual.

So to my knowledge we are in the clear!
Oh, I overlooked that sentence then. Wink
Iambian wrote:


* DCS 7.1 or above (I think?)

Little note here DCS 7.1 is needed if you are not using direct usb. If you are using DUSB you will need 7.2

Iambian wrote:

Aside: If you want to play a danmaku, you can start with this free software called rRootage. Just set to Ika mode and get your game on.

This game has a few different danmaku style modes. read the english readme and it will explain them, The ika mode is the closest to what we are aiming for our game.
I can't wait to see more progress on this, and please keep me posted on everything that I can do to help. I also need to give you that version of Doors CS with the font/character bitmap output exposed, and indeed, I need to finish Doors CS 7.2 final. Sad
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